Top Cities in Canada

Accommodation in Canada

Discover a land of allure in the world’s second largest country when you use to book a flight to Canada. As home to 10 provinces and three territories, with borders on three of the world’s four named oceans, Canada has an incredibly diverse culture that’s only matched by its remarkable landscape.

When to Visit

As it constitutes such a large swath of land, Canada welcomes a variety of climates and atmospheric conditions throughout the year, preventing it from experiencing one particular tourist season. Rather, the different regions each attract visitors at various times. Depending upon what part of the country you’re interested in visiting, winter might not be the most welcoming season for tourists, unless you don’t mind bundling up. Canada is famous for its low winter temperatures, providing the perfect conditions if you’re venturing to the most popular winter destinations in Canada: ski resorts. Summertime is when you’re more likely to see the grass on the ground, as it’s often obscured by snow for up to six months out of the year.

What to See and Do

Once your plane touches down in the country, and you’ve settled into your Canada accommodation, you won’t want to waste any time twiddling your thumbs. From the majesty of Niagara Falls to the frozen tundra of Glacier National Park, and from the world-famous Toronto Zoo to the Notre-Dame Basilica in Quebec, there’s more to see in this country than you could hope to uncover in one trip.

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Best Seasons to Visit

There are must-see locations in Canada all year-round. Winter is a great time to rent a ski chalet in Banff or attend the winter ice carnival in Quebec City. Springtime is ideal for seeing the blooms at Butchart Gardens in Victoria or visiting the home of Anne of Green Gables on Prince Edward Island. Summer is perfect for watersports on Lake Ontario and Lake Superior. You can also get great deals from hotels in Vancouver for your family to whale-watch the three pods of resident orcas nearby. Finally, the fall colors throughout Ontario are vibrant and unforgettable. If you are a sports, theater, or music fan, you can hit major world cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto any time of year and take advantage of countless opportunities like the Phantom of the Opera theater house or the 2008 Olympic stadiums in Vancouver.

What to Do

The variety of activities in Canada is as wide as the country itself. Outdoor options include hiking, horseback riding, and observing wildlife. Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria are just a few of the major cities offering a dose of sports, theater, music, and other cultural entertainment. Watersports like fishing, surfing, kayaking and more abound in the hundreds of lakes and rivers throughout the nation as well as its two oceans, the Atlantic and Pacific. Banff is a great place to see extreme snowboarding competitions in the winter and mountain-bike trails in the summer. Not sure what you want to do next? Canada hotels can update you on what there is to do nearby and help you plan your itinerary. At, we provide opportunities for you to explore all of these options and more, tailoring your trip to include exactly what you and your family love to do most.

About Canadian Hotels

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Getting Here

Because of its close proximity to the U.S., flights to Canada are not always necessary. If you live in a border state, it's often just a short drive. Of course, there is a great transportation system consisting of airports, trains, buses, and roads throughout the more populated areas of the country. In the West, Vancouver and Victoria are the major cities. Centrally, Toronto and Ottawa are the ways in. Montreal is the major city in the Northeast and serves as a great way to get into the Maritime region of the nation. Otherwise, the Maritime area can be visited by taking a short drive from Boston or Portland, Maine. If you're more interested in remote fishing or hunting trips, it may be best to enter via Anchorage, Alaska. Visit to see which Canadian destination is right for you.