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Car hire

Renting a car is a good idea if you intend to travel out of Cancun during your trip. You'll find the big name rental companies at the airport so wait for the convenient shuttle bus to take you there. Don't forget to get insurance too. Driving can be chaotic and although most roads are in good condition, some drives out of town can be long.


Buses in Cancun are cheap, safe and run 24 hours, 7 days a week. The Hotel Zone runs along the main road which makes catching buses easy. A ride will cost you 8.50 pesos per person. If you're planning to go to the night club areas at night, be warned that the buses can get very crowded.


Taxis in Cancun are cheap, safe and run 24 hours, 7 days a week. Some hotels will order taxis to take you to the airport or downtown for a fixed price, but the cheapest way to get one is to hail one from Zona Hotelera. Arrange the price before you get in or you'll undoubtedly pay too much for your journey.


In the Upper Hotel Zone you'll find it easy to walk around, and a multitude of bars, restaurants and shops lining the streets. Start your walk at Senor Frog's and continue north and west towards the Plaza Caracol mall. If you're looking to explore the Cancun nightlife this would be a good and safe place to stay. Look for the downtown biking/walking/rollerblading trail.


Water water everywhere! Xel-Ha is a water theme park with a difference, in that salt water streams and freshwater lagoons combine to make for hours of sloshy fun. Its unique ecosystem means you can snorkel, swim with dolphins and witness multitudes of tropical fish in a gorgeous natural environment. Kids and beginner snorkelers will love it and the ecological walking tour is excellent.

Isla Mujeres

Just a 20 minute ferry ride from the Cancun hotel zone Isla Mujeres is a tranquil 5 mile long island, the perfect place to head for a bit of peace and quiet. Lots of oceanfront restaurants and beaches provide opportunities to relax. Rent a golf cart or a scooter, visit the Turtle Farm, the Garrafon Park or nearby Isla Contoy.


Less than an hour south of Cancun, this water park boasts perhaps even more than Xel-Ha, with its archaeological site, re-created Mayan village and exciting jungle trails. Swim with your mates in thrilling underground rivers, go snorkeling, watch a re-enactment of the Prehispanic ball game or take in a cultural show that will show you what Mexico is really all about.


This is the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean and you can get there thanks to a short ferry ride from Playa del Carmen. Diving visability is almost always good, providing views up to 200 feet. Enjoy undeveloped jungle and lagoons complete with small animals and birds. Don't miss the Chankanaab Lagoon – a stunning natural aquarium.

DAY 1: Climb Chichen Itza

Just 125 miles from Cancun, and a three hour drive it's well worth a day to visit one of the New World Wonders. Chichen Itza is a Prehispanic city, which was once the military center as well as the political and religious centre of the Yucatan Peninsula. Snap the incredible Mayan architecture and climb up to the observatory for a brilliant view of the surrounding area. Stop along the way for some local food and photo opportunities.

DAY 3: Diving in Akumal

Akumal is just 62 miles south of Cancun. Practice windsurfing and snorkeling in this relatively quiet but pretty fishing village. If you're visiting with a loved one, it's a nice idea to hire a boat for some sportfishing, or go diving. Some of the nearby reefs are spectacular. Don't miss the Ecological Center and hire a guide to take you on an intriguing walk into the jungle. The fascinating local flora and fauna will inspire you further explore the beach.

DAY 2: Visit windswept Tulum

Just 72 miles south of Cancun, once upon a time Tulum was a busy trading port and Mayan ceremonial center. Clamber around the ruins and you'll see what drew people to this amazing setting, perched high on a windswept cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The Tulum archaeological site itself only consists of 60 buildings and takes about two hours to walk around. Head to Tulum Beach afterwards and then head to Xel-Ha.

DAY 4: Coba and beyond

Only a few of the estimated 6,500 structures have been excavated at one the largest Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico. Cobá was once a trade link between the coastal Mayan outposts and the interior cities, and is the hub of a very complex network of causeways. Climb the 120 steps of The Nohuch Mul Pyramid and snap the jungle from above.


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