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Chowzter reveals best fast food in the world - Travel Travel News

Avid travelers will go a long way for some strange things, whether it's to discover the world's largest statue of a banana or find the creepy hair museum in Turkey. For those who happen to like food on the run, Chowzter's list of best fast food in the world .. Read more

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Have $140,000 to spend? Take this extravagant Four Seasons flight - Four Seasons Travel News

Frequent travellers and the adventurous at heart are always looking for the next extreme thing to do, whether it's scaling a lofty peak or exploring the deepest depths of the ocean. If you're one of the outrageously rich ones, then Four Seasons has the thing for.. Read more

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Virgin Australia Airlines hijack was just a false alarm - Brisbane Travel News

There's been much ado in the world of air travel about safety after the unsolved case of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. So, it's not a huge surprise that a pilot was quick to trigger an alert on April 25 when a man aboard a Virgin Australia aircraft t.. Read more

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Fox exec fired for email over Malaysia Airlines charity - Malaysia Airlines Travel News

As though the Fox Broadcasting Company didn't have enough enemies on the Left, the company might gain a few more after it  fired one of its executives for planning to raise funds for the families of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.Malaysia A.. Read more

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Boy hitches ride to Hawaii in plane's wheel well - Hawaiian Airlines Travel News

On April 20, there was a real-life Easter miracle in the air travel industry. A teenager who stowed away on a Hawaiian Airlines flight by sneaking into the jet's wheel well somehow managed to survive the dangerous ordeal.According to The Associated Press, the boy, 1.. Read more

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America's exhilarating new roller coasters - Travel Travel News

It's springtime in the U.S., which means summer is right around the corner. Those looking for an escape from Australia's winter can head to America, where the sun is bright, the flowers are blooming and people are hitting the outdoors for some fun in nature. The.. Read more

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Chicago tops the list of funniest cities in America -  Travel News

Aussies and other travelers from around the globe are always looking for a good time. The U.S. is home to an abundance of playful and entertaining locales known for their whimsical cultures and communities. To help you find the funniest city in America, the Humor R.. Read more

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Malaysia Airlines jet makes emergency landing after tire ruptures - Malaysia Airlines Travel News

Malaysia Airlines has had more than its share of bad luck lately. The carrier, based in Kuala Lumpur, stole headlines for more than a month when Flight MH370 went missing over the Indian Ocean and was later discovered to have gone down with no survivors. Now, the airlin.. Read more

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World's most haunted island up for lease - Italy Travel News

There's something satisfyingly bone-chilling about the world of the paranormal, and Aussie's are not new to the world of spectres. The country is home to arguably some of the most haunted places in the world, from the Ararat Lunatic Asylum to the Whepstead House.. Read more

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Plane stranded on tarmac for 16 hours - Cathay Pacific Travel News

There are many reasons flights experience delays, from equipment malfunctions to poor flying conditions. Aircraft are usually only kept grounded for a short period of time before taking off or until passengers are allowed to deplane. In a recent instance, however, a Cat.. Read more

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