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The case of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane - Malaysia Airlines Travel News

Modern day flight tracking technology makes it pretty hard for an airplane to go missing, but in a recent story that has been taking the headlines this week, that's precisely what happened. On March 7, a Malaysia Airlines aircraft seems to have vanished in the middl.. Read more

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The world's weirdest driving laws - Car Hire Travel News

When visiting an unfamiliar city, travellers need to be aware of the cultural differences of the destination. Some locations have unique traditions, speak foreign languages and have location-specific customs, and each has its own set of laws that must be followed at all.. Read more

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Singapore named world's most expensive city - Singapore Travel News

In 2013, Tokyo took the title for the most expensive place to live on earth. In fact, for many of the last 20 years, it has been named the priciest destination in the world, according to the bi-annual Worldwide Cost of Living survey conducted by the Economist Intelligen.. Read more

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Passenger leaves sexist note for pilot - Canada Travel News

There have been a lot of stories lately about passengers leaving friendly notes to airline and airport staff. For example, in February 2014, a Delta Airlines passenger penned a note of apology for treating a ticket agent with disrespect. But a recent account involves a .. Read more

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World's largest aircraft unveiled, expected to change the state of air travel - Travel Travel News

Humanity has two very unique obsessions that have driven the air travel industry: soaring through the skies and making everything bigger, better and faster. Engineers have combined their fascinations with these two objectives to create the new Airlander - the largest ai.. Read more

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Mount Everest climbers forced to pick up trash - Travel Travel News

As the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest attracts adventure seekers from around the globe. Those who survive the lofty climb are rewarded with a sense of self satisfaction in knowing they completed one of the most difficult and dangerous endeavours known to m.. Read more

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Why would Dubai wrap the Burj tower in cling wrap? - Dubai Travel News

Many travellers visit Dubai for the chance to see one of mankind's most impressive architectural feats: the Burj Khalifa. This tower is the tallest in the world, standing about 828 metres in the air and containing more than 160 storeys. The magnificent structure has.. Read more

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Woman listed as top tourist attraction on TripAdvisor - Glasgow Travel News

Quirky and unusual attractions are all the rage these days. From massive mangoes to human hair museums, eccentric tourist sites attract people from all around the world, and many talk about their experiences on the popular site TripAdvisor. Recently, one woman became am.. Read more

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London streets flooded with poo - Australia Travel News

London is a delightful city known for its rich culture, deep-rooted history and vibrant energy. But the small neighbourhood of Kennington will now be known for something much less appealing: poo.Late on the night of Feb. 27, a water main burst in the south London c.. Read more

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TripAdvisor announces list of world's best island destinations - Travel Travel News

Aussie travellers are always looking for the next best place to visit, from ancient sites to snow-swept ski resorts. But island destinations can be some of the most difficult ones to select, since almost any location with pristine sands and warm waters sounds alluring. .. Read more

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