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Italian art exhibit features stolen masterpieces and artifacts -  Travel News

Art theft is a major issue in Italy, which is why the country's police force has a special unit dedicated to busting art crooks and recovering stolen works. To showcase the successes of the police unit, the Quirinal Palace in Rome is hosting a unique exhibit that di.. Read more

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What's with New York's mysterious eternal flame? - New York Travel News

Aussie travellers making their way to New York may want to take a little side-trip to check out a perplexing natural feature. Located in the suburb of Buffalo is one of the strangest wonders of the state: a flickering flame that stays lit all on its own.It'.. Read more

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RyanAir passengers revolt against plane crew - Paris Travel News

With long delays, lengthy lines and the hassle of check-in, it's easy to become aggravated with air travel. For the most part, passengers keep their emotions in check and show self-control., but That wasn't the case with flyers aboard a RyanAir plane.Accord.. Read more

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Celebrate summer in Australia - Australia Travel News

While people in other parts of the world are frozen due to polar vortices, Australia is enjoying its summer months right now. And Aussies really know how to go all out for the sunny season, throwing exciting festivals and other celebrations all across the nation. If you.. Read more

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The simple things that can get you arrested in Sochi - Travel Travel News

People across Australia and around the globe are getting ready for their trip to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics, which runs Feb. 7 through 23. Those visiting the Russian city, located on the Black Sea along the edge of the Caucasus Mountains, have a lot to be wary o.. Read more

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Angry inkeeper gets fired for disgruntled comments - Glasgow Travel News

If you've ever had a bad experience at a hotel and wrote a poor review online, you know how good it can feel to express your displeasure to the world. These reviews also help other travellers know which establishments are best suited for their needs - and which they.. Read more

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The Verruckt to become the world's biggest water slide - United States of America Travel News

For most, a day at the pool is a leisurely and enjoyable outing. However, people who visit the Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark in the U.S. state of Kansas will soon be confronted with a scary experience. The park is currently working on constructing what might just .. Read more

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Are you guilty of these annoying Australian travel habits? - Australia Travel News

Most Australian travellers are well-mannered, keeping mind the people around them as they visit new locales. However, not everyone is so polite. That's why travel site lastminute.com.au did the research to compile a list of the most annoying habits that Aussies disp.. Read more

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Would you cross the world's scariest bridge? - Switzerland Travel News

Adventure seekers are often looking for the next big thrill, whether it's climbing the steepest cliff, riding the most dangerous roller coaster or kayaking over a rushing waterfall. If this sounds like your dream vacation, consider a trip to the Swiss Alps for a wal.. Read more

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Break out the tissues: Mother writes a heartwarming letter to daughter's seatmate - US Airways Travel News

Travel news is all too often full of disheartening stories of disgruntled seatmates and peeved passengers, so it's always a delight to hear a heartwarming story. Shanell Mouland and her three-year-old daughter Kate, who has autism, were on a US Airways flight flying.. Read more

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