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FAA lifts ban on electronic use during flights - Flights Travel News

The Federal Aviation Administration in the U.S. has decided to lift the ban on the use of electronic devices during flights. According to CNN, travellers can watch videos and play games at any altitude. Although the use of the electronics will be permitted, passeng.. Read more

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Explore Amsterdam's IJ neighbourhood - Amsterdam Travel News

Travellers going on Amsterdam holidays tend to stick to the city's vibrant centre, which is brimming with gorgeous architecture, canals and exciting nightlife hotspots. But the European destination is also home to an array of charming neighbourhoods. One that's .. Read more

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Death roll rises after St. Jude impacts Britain - London Travel News

The day after St. Jude brought hurricane-force winds to Britain, thousands have no power and four are dead. Now that the storm has left the area, a path of destruction remains to be cleaned up in southern England, the Guardian reported.Winds gusted to more than 160 kilo.. Read more

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Ellis Island reopens one year after Superstorm Sandy - World heritage Travel News

Ellis Island, a historic and significant U.S. monument in New York City, reopened for the first time since Superstorm Sandy devastated the Northeast one year ago. According to The Wall Street Journal, the Ellis Island Immigration Museum has yet to fully recover from the.. Read more

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Survey: Victoria becoming the new travel capital for Australians -  Travel News

Although Queensland has been the "it" travel hub for many domestic trips for decades, Victoria is now slated to become the country's No. 1 tourist destination, according to a new survey highlighted by the Sydney Morning Herald.The survey, which was the lat.. Read more

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Plane makes emergency landing on Maui highway - United States of America Travel News

A commercial airplane was forced to make an emergency landing on a Maui highway after losing power. According to CNN, passengers on the plane did not think they were going to survive and began calling loved ones to say goodbye. There were eight people onboard the f.. Read more

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Passengers get rowdy after inspections delay flight - Flights Travel News

Passengers on a Spirit Airlines flight became unruly after inspections delayed the plane's scheduled take-off time. According to USA Today, deputies from the Broward County Sheriff's Office were called to the Fort Lauderdale airport terminal October 23.. Read more

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Singapore Airlines ending world's longest nonstop flight - Flights Travel News

Singapore Airlines is ending the world's longest nonstop commercial flight from Singapore to Newark in November. The 19-hour flight included 9,000 nautical miles and often helped passengers avoid lengthy customs lines often experienced a John F. Kennedy In.. Read more

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United Airlines launches double miles promotion - Flights Travel News

Travellers planning to take a U.S. holiday who are members of United Airline's MileagePlus loyalty program should consider a month-long special offered from the carrier. United Airlines is giving passengers the chance to earn unlimited double-award miles on Uni.. Read more

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Southwest rated best travel company to deal with - Flights Travel News

If you're planning a flight anywhere, you may want to take Southwest Airlines if possible. According to a new index released by branding firm Siegel + Gate, Southwest makes customers' experiences much easier to handle than the company's counterparts.&nb.. Read more

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