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US presidency vacations cost American taxpayers millions - United States of America Travel News

Presidential vacations have been a subject of great popularity in the U.S. since the days of George W. Bush, who was known for heading out of town for some rest and relaxation more frequently than most Americans would have liked. But the members of the current admi.. Read more

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Seductress puts one over on NYC tourists - New York Travel News

Any Aussie who has been to New York City knows how much different the Big Apple is from any other destination. The streets are abustle with people from all around the globe (it has among the most diverse populations in the world), the glittering lights of the metropolis.. Read more

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3-1-1 rule: Soon to be obliterated by lasers? - London Travel News

By now, all air travellers have all come in contact with the 3-1-1 rule: one, 1-quart bag for all liquids and aerosols, each of which may be no more than 3 ounces (technically 3.4 ounces, or 100 millilitres). Anything larger than this needs to go into your checked bagga.. Read more

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NASA to test effects of space travel on identical twins - Travel Travel News

While most people are restricted to traveling within earth's atmosphere, a select few are lucky enough to visit space. Those who do go down in history for their contributions to science often risk their own lives. So the world went into a whirl spin w.. Read more

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US pilot missing after in-air collision -  Travel News

While air traffic control has made travel much safer, there are still times when accidents happen. One such story is that of two single-engine planes - a Cessna 210 and a Hawker Sea Fury TMK 20 - that collided on April 27 over California's San Francisco Bay.The.. Read more

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Nepali Sherpa boycott brings end to Mount Everest climbing season - Travel Travel News

On April 18, a massive avalanche hit Mount Everest - the deadliest in the mountain's history, killing 16 people in one fell swoop as well as injuring at least six others and leaving four missing. All those killed were Sherpa guides, and the devastating incident has .. Read more

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Which island is right for your Hawaii getaway? - Hawai Travel News

Hawaii is one of America's most beautiful destinations, attracting more than 7 million people every year. From its pristine beaches to the Polynesian heritage sites, there's something for everyone. Aussie adventurers often take to the exhilarating water sports, .. Read more

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Chowzter reveals best fast food in the world - Travel Travel News

Avid travelers will go a long way for some strange things, whether it's to discover the world's largest statue of a banana or find the creepy hair museum in Turkey. For those who happen to like food on the run, Chowzter's list of best fast food in the world .. Read more

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Have $140,000 to spend? Take this extravagant Four Seasons flight - Four Seasons Travel News

Frequent travellers and the adventurous at heart are always looking for the next extreme thing to do, whether it's scaling a lofty peak or exploring the deepest depths of the ocean. If you're one of the outrageously rich ones, then Four Seasons has the thing for.. Read more

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Virgin Australia Airlines hijack was just a false alarm - Brisbane Travel News

There's been much ado in the world of air travel about safety after the unsolved case of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. So, it's not a huge surprise that a pilot was quick to trigger an alert on April 25 when a man aboard a Virgin Australia aircraft t.. Read more

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