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What is a Condo?

A condo – or condominium – is a type of residential or holiday accommodation unit that’s part of a larger complex. Condos are usually apartments, but you’ll occasionally find detached condos, too. Condo complexes will usually have communal facilities like car parks, gardens, pools or gyms. “Condominium” is the North American term for the form of property ownership known as “strata title” in Australia.

Why should I stay in a Condo?

Individual condos are often independently owned, and they’re frequently kitted out to a very high standard. You’ll also find that the communal amenities in a condo complex are often more extensive and luxurious than they might be in a standard apartment block. Condos come in various sizes, and can be suitable for couples or larger groups – plus the ability to cook for yourself can mean a condo rental is a good way to have a cheap holiday.

Where do you find Condos?

Because the term “condo” refers to a particular form of property ownership – similar to strata title in Australia – they’re technically only found in the US and Canada. Essentially, though, they’re just rental apartments or villas. You’ll find condos in both urban and rural settings, and there are often purpose-built condo communities in popular holiday destinations.

How much does it cost to stay in a Condo?

The cost of renting a condo varies a lot. Some condos can be quite cheap, and the combination of self-catering facilities and communal amenities can make condos a great option for a budget holiday. More upmarket condos are also available. In addition to more luxurious furnishings and facilities in the condos themselves, these places might also have communal perks like pools and gyms.

How to book a Condo

There are loads of condos listed on Expedia, and you can see what’s on offer by putting your intended dates and destination into the search box above. If you still need to organise travel, it’s worth checking out our package deals to see if you can make savings by bundling together your flights, car rental and accommodation. Expedia also offers Add-On Advantage, where you can get discounted rates on accommodation when you add it onto an existing booking.

What do Condos offer?

In general, condo apartments will have kitchens and living areas, and many will offer Wi-Fi. Beyond that, the amenities in condo complexes vary considerably. Most have car parks and some sort of yard or garden, while more high-end developments might offer gyms, pools or other recreational spaces. If you’re staying in a luxury condo, you might also find the building comes with a concierge.

What’s the difference between a Condo and an Apartment?

If you’re wondering about the difference between condos and apartments, it’s just a different kind of ownership specific to the US and parts of Canada. Condominium ownership is a lot like strata title in Australia.

In the case of a condo complex, the apartment owners share ownership of the communal facilities, whereas in a standard apartment, the communal areas are normally owned and administered by an independent company. In practice, this can mean that shared amenities in a condo complex are more extensive and well-maintained than in an apartment block, though that’s not always the case.

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