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What is a Houseboat?

A houseboat is a kind of accommodation that floats on the water. Houseboats come in many shapes and sizes – some are set on permanent moorings, while others are designed to cruise around the waterways. They can range from budget stays to luxury holiday accommodation.

Why should I stay on a Houseboat?

Houseboats are often mobile, which means you can move from place to place as the mood takes you, enjoying life on the water. Some houseboats are very plush – making them perfect for luxury breaks – but there are also lots of cheap options. In Australia, houseboats are often geared towards families and larger groups, and staying on a houseboat can be a great way to score a budget holiday.

Where do you find Houseboats?

You’ll find houseboats in most countries with coastline, lakes or other waterways, including Australia, Europe and parts of the US and Canada. Houseboat holidays are especially popular in parts of the world with extensive canal networks, and in different countries they might be called barges or narrowboats. In Australia, the Murray River is one of the top spots to rent a houseboat.

How much does it cost to stay on a Houseboat?

There are houseboat stays to suit most budgets. Some luxury houseboats with moorings in prime locations can be very expensive, and these will often provide such a high degree of comfort that it’s a lot like staying in a high-end apartment. At the other end, there are lots of budget options, offering cheap and cheerful accommodation on the water.

How to book a Houseboat

You can book houseboats on Expedia by putting the dates and destination you want into the search box above. If you haven’t got your travel arrangements sorted yet, why not check out some of our package deals? You can make great savings by bundling together your flights, car rental and accommodation. Booking through Expedia also unlocks our Add-On Advantage, where you can get discounted rates on accommodation when you add it onto an existing booking.

What do Houseboats offer?

Houseboats will offer different amenities depending on whether they’re mobile or static, and how upmarket they are. Some might offer prime moorings – perhaps in city-centre locations – while others will have working engines to let you cruise around the waterways. The vast majority of houseboats will offer bathrooms and kitchens, and many will have electricity and running water – though this may be limited in some cases.

Houseboats vs Apartments

Some more upmarket houseboats can be a lot like conventional apartments on the inside. If you’re wondering about the difference between houseboats and apartments – apart from the fact that houseboats are set on the water – it’s largely a matter of amenities. Utilities like electricity and running water can be limited on cruising houseboats, and it’s also rarer to find perks like Wi-Fi and dedicated parking – though larger houseboats on private moorings might have both these things. Cheaper houseboats also tend to offer more compact quarters than apartments.

Search for a Houseboats

Whatever your budget – and whether you’re looking for somewhere nearby or further afield – at Expedia we’ve got loads of houseboats available to rent at affordable rates. Just use the box above to search for “houseboats close to me,” and you’ll be on your way.