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What is a Lodge?

A lodge is an accommodation type that’s typically found in outdoor settings, such as national parks, nature reserves, and caravan or holiday parks. Some lodges provide pared-back rooms with only a few amenities, while others are luxury properties designed around conservation and ecotourism. You may also come across lodges in urban settings, which generally offer low-key accommodation.

Why should I stay at a Lodge?

A lodge hotel often allows you to experience the great outdoors in unique or intimate ways, whether it’s by offering guided hikes or safari drives, or putting you up amid treetops or in the middle of the desert. Another lodge definition is that it offers basic and affordable accommodation, so it’s great for budget-conscious travellers who are headed for a national park or an urban destination.

Where do you find Lodges?

Throughout the world, you’ll often find lodges serving as on-site accommodation in national parks, nature reserves and conservation areas. Modest, budget-friendly lodges are usually offered in holiday parks and caravan parks, where they’re sometimes called cabins or chalets, or even in urban settings.

Meanwhile, their luxurious counterparts are found in places like the African savanna and the Australian bush, where secluded eco lodges offer modern amenities alongside one-of-a-kind experiences in the wild.

How much does it cost to stay in a Lodge?

The cost of staying in a lodge depends on the kind of property you’re eyeing. If it’s a basic lodge, meaning you’ll get stripped-down quarters with either en suite or shared bathrooms, the price tag can be much cheaper than most other kinds of accommodation. Naturally, you’ll shell out more for luxury eco lodges, especially those that offer unique experiences like wildlife encounters or mountaintop views.

How to book a Lodge

Lodges are usually small properties that can only accommodate relatively small numbers of people, so it’s best to make reservations in advance. You can browse and book the best lodges on Expedia, just like you would with any other hotel. If your holiday involves plane rides, check out our package deals too. You can get extra savings when you bundle your flights and accommodation together.

What do Lodges offer?

Amenities in lodges can differ greatly, depending on where they’re located. Basic lodges, whether in the city or within holiday parks, normally offer simple rooms with shared or en suite bathrooms.

Luxurious eco lodges come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While they often blend in with the local architecture and are made with indigenous materials, many provide modern comforts like Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. Plenty of high-end lodges offer outdoor experiences such as wildlife encounters and dinners under the stars.

What’s the difference between a Lodge and a Hotel Resort?

While you might find lodges and hotel resorts in similar settings, the two differ considerably in the services and amenities they offer. Lodges can be fairly basic, while hotel resorts are designed to offer a wide array of recreation, relaxation, entertainment and dining.

If you’re debating lodges vs. hotel resorts, you might go for the former if spending time in nature is your top priority. The latter may be more suitable if you prefer having facilities like pools, gyms, spas and restaurants on-site.

Search for a Lodge

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