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Cascadas de Agua Azul featuring a cascade as well as a couple

Palenque Tourist Attractions & Activities

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Top places to visit

1. Palenque Archaeological Zone

The Pre-Hispanic City and National Park of Palenque is one of Mexico’s treasures. This area in the city of Palenque has an impressive archaeological site and a national park with opulent tropical vegetation. Enjoy some of the finest and most interesting Maya architecture and hike among lush trees and waterfalls.
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Exuberant jungle with walking trails, rich colorful vegetation and sophisticated Maya temples make this one of Palenque’s most fascinating attractions.

2. Misol-Ha Waterfalls

The beautiful Misol-Ha Waterfalls (Cascadas de Misol-Ha) is an impressive single cascade about 115 feet (35 meters) high. Enjoy the sight of water falling dramatically off a cliff into a wide pool far below and swim surrounded by tropical jungle.
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See one of the highest waterfalls near Palenque and swim in its large natural pool. Enjoy this great place to refresh yourself and appreciate nature.

3. Aluxes Eco Park

The Aluxes Eco Park (Ecoparque Aluxes) is a non-profit organization that rescues and breeds species that are in real danger of extinction. A local group saw the dramatic effects that deforestation and illegal animal trafficking were having on the environment, so they decided to act. They created this beautiful place to help those that could no longer survive for themselves. Visit a park with lush green vegetation, learn about the important work they do for Palenque and have close encounters with beautiful plants and animals of the area.
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Born from the determination of one group to protect endangered animals, this amazing park has grown and become a sanctuary for Palenque’s wildlife.

4. Cascadas de Agua Azul

The Cascadas de Agua Azul (Blue Waterfalls) are a beautiful and very popular tourist attraction in Chiapas, Mexico. See several picturesque falls, some of them about 20 feet (6 meters) high. Dive into the transparent fresh water and take memorable photos of the natural beauty that surrounds you.
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Visit this famous spot near Palenque and swim in large natural pools with crystal-clear water of an amazing blue color, surrounded by stunning waterfalls.

5. Cascadas de Roberto Barrios

The Cascada de Roberto Barrios is a lovely waterfall visited by both tourists and locals. Some people prefer it to other falls in the area due to its less crowded conditions and fewer souvenir vendors. Make a dive, sightsee and spend the day surrounded by nature and the powerful sound of water falling into a blue natural pool.
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Be refreshed in numerous clear waterfalls, take stunning photos and explore all day long in this beautiful place near Palenque.

Popular places to visit in Palenque