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Madame Tussauds which includes interior views

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Coming up: Amsterdam! You’re keen to set course in a new direction. Perpetually prepared for innovative ways to get your kicks and expand your horizons, you’re eager to check out a new city like a pro. Find and book your activities now, and all that’s left to do is count the days until your holiday and get excited, because Expedia Australia makes it easy to book tons of things to do.

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  • Amsterdam is popular among sightseers like you. In fact, a good percentage of travellers can't wait for the next trip to this cityto check out local hot spots and participate in the best activities. The most loved activities can catch the attention of even seasoned explorers, and one look at our list explains why. Our list includes a wide variety of entertainment and opportunities for adventure. With unequalled ways to explore the best this area has to give like a Antwerp & Brussels Day Trip and Bruges Day Trip, there is a huge selection of possibilities at your disposal when you peruse the finest tours and excursions here at Expedia Australia.

Our activities are the best way to organise your trip. It takes a game plan to make the most of a trip to Amsterdam, particularly when you want to pack in lots of local cuisine and entertainment. And we can tell you don't plan to sleep all day—you're excited to get out and see what life is like for locals. You're thrilled to sign up for the most essential activities around, and a quiet day exploring local neighbourhoods is an adventure all its own. Book professional area tours on Expedia Australia, and you don't need a map.

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