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Never one to shy away from a brand new adventure and imaginative ways to get your kicks, you’re prepared to explore an exciting destination from top to bottom. You’re about to set a course in a different direction. It’s not challenging to fill your days, because Expedia Australia can hook you up with tons of things to do. Find and book your activities now, and all that’s left to do is pack your bags and get excited. Next stop: Alice Springs!

  • The activities in Alice Springs are not only topnotch, but they won’t cost an arm and a leg. We have 14 things to do here, and you can get them starting at just AU$13. Get your favourite activities and day trips on Expedia Australia for a great price, and you'll still have money for a top hotel or decadent dinner while you’re in town.
  • Alice Springs is a favourite among travellers similar to yourself. In fact, many travellers have been visiting to get a taste of local culture and find the top activities, and a good amount of them can't wait to return. The top things to do can catch the curiosity of even well-versed globetrotters, and that includes savvy visitors like you. Our list includes an impressive variety of culturally based tours and opportunities for adventure. With one-of-a kind ways to see the best this area has to provide like a East MacDonnell Ranges Day Tour to one-of-a kind ways to see the best this area has to give like a Uluru & Alice Springs 1-way Transfer, there is a huge selection of active options at your fingertips when you glance through the inventory of activities here at Expedia Australia.

Our activities are the ideal way to organise your holiday. You'll want an expert itinerary to make the most of a trip to Alice Springs, particularly when you wish to include trips to museums and outdoor activities. And we know you're itching to explore every avenue—you're ready to get out and see what life is like for locals. You're eager to sign up for the best activities around, and a quiet day exploring local neighbourhoods is an adventure all its own. Book professional city tours on Expedia Australia, and there will be no need to worry about looking at a map.

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