Taejongdae Park

Hike through fragrant pine forests to high cliffs at this scenic peninsula park, where according to legend, gods came to relax.

Taejongdae Park is located on one of the most southernmost points in Busan and offers a pristine natural landscape. Explore easy hiking trails, take in beautiful coastal views and relax in the serene environment after your busy Busan experience.

Walk up the winding staircase of the park’s lighthouse to see commanding views of Busan’s skyline to the west, punctuating the lush, tree-lined cliffs of the peninsula. To the southwest, on especially clear days you can see Japan’s Tsushima Island.

Follow the boardwalk from the lighthouse down to the oceanfront cliffs. See exceptional views when you walk out on the wide, safe platform that leads to the cliffs’ edge. Watch waves crashing against the rocks and ferries sailing to and from Busan. Take in the calm atmosphere of the peninsula’s tranquil pine forests and follow the paved footpaths. Find two Buddhist temples in the trees: Taejongsa Temple and Gumyeongsa Temple.

Take the 3-kilometre (2-mile) loop around the peninsula’s west side and pass by the lighthouse to the entrance by the docks of the northwest section. At the park entrance, wander down to the pebbly beach and try some fresh seafood straight from the colourful clam tents.

Embark on a boat trip to Oryukdo Island from the docks. On the island, see a lighthouse built on a small rock only just wider than the lighthouse itself. This trip offers stunning views of the peninsula and surrounding coastline.

Parking for Taejongdae Park can be found at the peninsula’s northern end and costs a small fee. Bus routes run between Busan Station and Taejongdae. Purchase a tram ticket and ride the tram along the park’s loop. Hikers should wear sturdy shoes, wear sunscreen and bring plenty of drinking water. The Taejongdae Park hiking trail is steep in some areas.

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