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Osaka, Japan, is a stylish and confident city that has been able to successfully reinvent itself throughout its long history. Once known as the “Nation’s Kitchen,” during the Edo period, Osaka is today the capital city of Osaka Prefecture and the gateway to the Kansai region. Though Osaka may look a little rough and commercialized on the outside, it is a surprisingly interesting destination with a whole lot to offer the open-minded traveller. In particular, it is home to some great historical attractions, not to mention excellent dining and shopping spots. Osaka also has a vibrant nightlife scene, so whether your goal is to learn, spoil yourself, party hard, or all of the above, you won’t leave disappointed.

Osaka is a huge city broken up into many different districts, each with their own unique treasures for you to discover. Osaka Castle is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. Though the original castle was destroyed during World War II, it was rebuilt and now houses a fascinating museum. To learn more about the city’s history, visit the Osaka Museum of History and Peace Osaka, a museum dedicated to World War II. Other popular sites include Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Shitennoji Temple, and Naniwa Nagara-Toyosaki Palace. Book flights to Osaka flights to experience it all.

Best Time to Travel to Osaka

Peak Season:

The best time to book a trip is in the spring from March to May. The weather is cool and pleasing in the city, and its famous cherry blossoms are just coming into bloom. The park around Osaka Castle, in particular is a beautiful sight to see during this time.

Shoulder Season:

You’ll have a better chance of finding cheap flights to Osaka and good deals on accommodation between October and February. Even in the winter months, the temperature in Osaka can get as high as 20 degrees Celsius, pleasant enough to go sightseeing throughout the city.

Off Season:

Heat and humidity define the summer months in Osaka from June to September. Don’t forget to pack your rain gear, as this is also typhoon season.

Osaka Airport and Transfer Information

Osaka Kansai International Airport (KIX)

Distance: 15 km north of city centre

All international flights to Osaka are served by KIK, located on an artificial island in Osaka Bay. When you arrive at the airport, you’ll have several transportation options into the city. The airport includes two railway connections as well as public buses that offer express service. The city buses make stops at both terminals. Finally, if you want to try something unique, take a high-speed ferry across the bay.

Online Resources for Travel to Osaka

When it comes time to plan your trip to Osaka, a lot will depend on where you stay in the city. You can check out the official website for Osaka travel in order to find great local restaurants, bars, clubs, and other attractions nearby. Also, be prepared for any weather by checking the Japan Meteorological Agency website before and during your trip.

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