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Helsinki might seem young for a Scandinavian capital city, but its youth is where its charm comes from. Incredible modern art and design flourish here, from architecture and fashion to fine art galleries. New gourmet restaurants seem to pop up each week, leading a celebration of culinary excellence you could go crazy trying to fully experience.

Helsinki is also home to several museums that preserve its Finnish heritage, so spend some time exploring the fascinating exhibits. Learn about the currency at Bank of Finland Museum, marvel at the masterpieces at the Amos Anderson Art Museum, and check out Burgher’s House, the oldest wooden building in the city. To truly get a sense of this captivating city and its local culture, catch a hockey game at Hartwall Areena or a rock concert at Tavastia, but don’t forget about 18th-century Suomenlinna Fortress Rajasaaren Koirapuisto Park. Book your flights to Helsinki today to start your adventure in Finland.

Best Time to Travel

Peak Season:

The most popular time of year to visit Helsinki is from June to August when the weather is the warmest. The thermostat usually reads around 20 degrees Celsius, but sometimes the temperatures hit 30 degrees. You’ll also get to experience the famous midnight sun, as it shines for almost 20 hours each day during this season.

Shoulder Season:

The shoulder seasons are spring and fall, between the pleasant summer days and the frigid winters. The spring weather usually starts around May, and the cooler temperatures generally arrive in September and October.

Off Season:

The coldest months are considered the off season, when you’ll find cheap flights to Helsinki. December and January see temperatures drop below zero, and snow blankets the ground. February is the height of ski season, so hit the slopes and relish in the frosty air. Keep in mind, the wintery weather sometimes lingers through April.

Helsinki Airport and Transfer Information

Helsinki Airport (HEL)

Distance: 19.9 km north of city centre

Once you’ve booked your airfare to Helsinki, you’ll arrive on the northern edge of Finland’s capital city. To have your own set of car keys when you land, hire a rental car with us in advance and then head to the desks in the corridor between Terminals 1 and 2. If you prefer to use public transportation, you’re in luck. The train runs directly from the Tietotie entrance of the airport to downtown, making it easy to see all that Helsinki has to offer. Of course, taxis are available as well, right outside near Arrivals area.

Online Resources for Travel to Helsinki

Helsinki is one of those magical places where the change of the seasons is dramatic. From midnight sun to a winter wonderland, Helsinki has it all. Make sure you get the weather forecast for Helsinki, so you know what to pack before your plane takes off. Afraid you’ll miss something during your travels? Head to the official website for Helsinki travel to ensure that you see everything you can in this fabulous city.

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