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Known for Whale Watching, Sea and Spas

This coastal city is a playground for all things aquatic.

How do you get to Warrnambool?

Explore the Shipwreck Coast and Warrnambool’s knotty volcanic shoreline. Landlubbers can enjoy the heritage buildings in the heart of town, as well as a series of lovingly tended parks and gardens. The city also fringes one of Victoria’s key dairying districts, so you can get your fill of local cheese and ice cream.

Activities in Warrnambool

Play among the waves, take your surfboard out to the breaks or drop a fishing line off the breakwater at Warrnambool’s fantastic local beach.

Find out about Warrnambool’s perilous Shipwreck Coast when you explore this preserved 1870s village and maritime museum overlooking the shores of Lady Bay.