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Turks and Caicos featuring landscape views and a beach

Experience the laidback atmosphere and luxurious facilities of this sun-blessed archipelago, where natural adventures, pristine beaches and fine dining come together. 

Explore vibrant marine environments and revel in the luxury of the Turks and Caicos Islands. This island chain, of which only 8 are inhabited, boasts 360 kilometres (224 miles) of fine, powdery sand beaches, calm turquoise water and the third-largest coral reef in the world.

Find your own favourite beach along the spectacular shorelines of Providenciales, the archipelago’s major hub. Lay a towel on soft sand and work on your tan at Grace Bay, a 19-kilometre (12-mile) beach. Many beaches in North Caicos offer the privacy of secluded bays and coves where you can escape the stresses of real life.

Watersports enthusiasts will not be disappointed by activities around the islands. Try wakeboarding or jet skiing, windsurf in good conditions off Grace Bay or kayak through intriguing mangrove reserves.

Get in touch with the wild on a whale-watching trip. From January to early April, you’ll be able to spot the majestic humpback passing on its way south from the North Atlantic. Get up and close with the critters of the sea floor with a coral reef diving trip. Dodge darting tropical fish at a famous dive site, The Grand Turk. This underwater “wall” is a shallow reef that drops suddenly to a depth of 2,133 metres (7,000 feet).

As you explore, spot the majestic and colourful birdlife that inhabit the islands. Charter a boat and take a tour of a number of bird breeding ground reserves, surrounded by photogenic natural landscapes. Such breeding grounds protect flamingos, pelicans and Cuban crows.

If the beaches and temperate waters aren’t relaxing enough, take a day for pampering on Parrot Cay. This island is believed to have been a hideout for Anne Bonny, the infamous pirate. Today, relax and rejuvenate at its exclusive resort and spa.

The Turks and Caicos Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, just east of Cuba. Fly into its international airport from Miami, which is just 90 minutes away.

Popular cities in Turks and Caicos

Providenciales featuring island views, landscape views and tropical scenes
Known for Beach view, Islands and Sea
Explore this tropical island haven, where visitors can relax on long clean beaches, dive to vibrant coral reefs or enjoy luxury spas in a natural wonderland.

Reasons to visit

  • Grace Bay Beach
  • Turtle Cove
  • Providenciales Beaches
Conch Bar showing a sandy beach and tropical scenes as well as an individual male
Conch Bar
Known for Nature and Beach view
Taste fresh-from-the-water seafood at this open-air beachside restaurant, which specializes in dishes featuring conch, a Caribbean marine mollusk beloved by locals.

Turks and Caicos

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