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Known for Beaches, Snorkelling and Relaxing

Explore this tropical island haven, where visitors can relax on long clean beaches, dive to vibrant coral reefs or enjoy luxury spas in a natural wonderland.  

How do you get to Providenciales?

Get in touch with the beauty of marine and island landscapes at Providenciales. This multi-faceted island getaway features pristine beaches, vibrant coral reefs and unspoiled national parks. Enjoy the comfort of luxury accommodation, taste locally sourced seafood and take part in a number of water activities, including snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing.

Known colloquially as Provo, Providenciales is a major hub of the Turks and Caicos Islands, which form part of the British West Indies. It was greatly developed for tourism in the 1980s, which produced a range of world-class resorts, restaurants and golf courses for visitors to enjoy today.

Follow the buzz of the people to Grace Bay Beach, a popular beach on the north coast. Snorkelers here will see its bright coral reef. Stroll the long shoreline in the evenings and catch the stunning tropical sunset. Relax with a walk around Turtle Cove, where moored boats and yachts bob on their moors surrounded by picturesque coastal vistas.

Venture to the Northwest Point National Park to see the island’s dramatic scenery. Explore rugged rocky cliffs and then see pool systems where populations of flamingos and herons congregate to breed. In the east, Princess Alexandra National Park is a great location to spot iguanas and turtles. Conservation of these areas is taken very seriously; fishing and littering are punishable with time in prison.

A number of restaurants around Providenciales cater to fine tastes. Dine at Da Conch Shack on the western side of the island for delectable seafood dishes. Many famous guests, including rock stars, have enjoyed a meal here over the years. Order a plate of conch fritters, sit back with a glass of rum punch and admire the beachfront panorama.

Get to Providenciales by 90-minute flight from Miami. From the centrally located airport, all destinations are a short drive away. There is no public transport service on the island, but many resorts provide free shuttles. Exploring visitors will want to rent a car.

Activities in Providenciales

Stretch out on fine white sands and marvel at the intense turquoise blue of the Caribbean waters on this pristine and photogenic stretch of shore.

Take a romantic walk along the boardwalks, spot impressive yachts, savour locally sourced seafood or try your hand at fishing in this marina’s relaxing atmosphere. 

Dive to a spectacular coral reef, explore a dramatic cliff landscape and observe several varieties of bird making a home amongst the mangroves in this diverse reserve.