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Never one to shy away from expanding your horizons and unique ways to get your kicks, you’re eager to investigate new territory like the savvy traveller you are. You’re excited to set course in a different direction. It’s not challenging to fill an itinerary, because Expedia Australia can hook you up with loads of things to do. Find and book your activities now, and all you'll have left to do is count the days until your escape and dream about all the places you'll go. Coming up: Penang!

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It takes an expert itinerary to make the most of a trip to Penang, especially when you intend to pack in plenty of food and entertainment. And it's a no-brainer that you're someone who likes to get out and about—you're ready to get out and take it all in. You're thrilled to sign up for the best activities around, and an exploration of historic city neighbourhoods is an adventure all its own. Our activities are the ideal way to organise your getaway. Book professional city tours on Expedia Australia, and you’ll never get lost.

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