Oedo Island Paradise

Wander among stunning landscapes and botanical gardens at this tiny island southwest of Busan, looking out over a beautiful coastal vista.

Enjoy the ferry ride from Geoje Island to the lush and meticulously tended gardens of Oedo Paradise Island. The gardens are styled like a European botanical garden and feature over 3,000 species of plants. Oedo Island offers a peaceful and green setting for experiencing the South Korean coast.

The gardens were created by a married couple in 1969 but didn’t open to the public until 1995. The founders still live on the island in a white-painted villa, which is not accessible by the public.

Wander along Venus Gardens, a charming stretch of garden that leads from the homestead to a marble colonnade that offers a view out to the ocean and the green Geoje coast. Well-kept hedges crisscross the wide courtyard and small round shrubs line up along the sides.

Visit the different themed areas, such as cactus garden, where 50 species of cactus flourish despite the wet and salty climate. Walk up the “Stairway to Heaven”, a path that leads to the peak of the island’s biggest hill, and view the pretty patchwork of gardens that stretches across the island.

Stop by Castle Oedo, an observation deck located on the island’s south side. The deck provides great views of the stunning Korean coastline. Enjoy the beautiful vista with the help of mounted binoculars on the deck. Kids will love the fossilised dinosaur tracks on the island’s east side.

Visitors are only allowed approximately 90 minutes to explore Oedo Paradise Island as the only way to visit the island is via ferry and no overnight stays are available. Oedo Island is accessible from six different ferry ports in Geoje so the island can become crowded throughout the day, especially in the warmer months. If you visit in April, you’re in luck: many of the island’s flowers are in bloom and the visitor numbers are still low.

The ferry and access to Oedo Island are available for a fee. The Geoje ferry terminals can be reached by bus from Busan.

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