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Nairobi which includes land animals

This land of astonishing natural beauty is famous for myriad wildlife, national parks, splendid beaches and prevalent tribal culture.

From bustling cities and tribal culture to wildlife safaris and watersports, Kenya offers greatly varied attractions. Its natural beauty ranges from rainforests and sprawling savannahs to mountains and beaches. Kenya traces its roots back three million years with settlement by African tribes as well as British and Portuguese colonizers. Today, explore the diverse history of over 40 ethnic groups.

Wildlife safaris are one of Kenya’s biggest appeals. Find several game reserves in the country’s southwest region. Go in search of Africa’s Big Five animals and experience the fascinating wildebeest migration at Masai Mara National Reserve and Tsavo National Park. Spot rich birdlife or join a camel safari in Amboseli National Park. Hike to the glacial ridges of Mount Kenya, Africa’s second-tallest mountain.

Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline has over 300 miles (480 kilometers) of idyllic beaches. Relax in the paradisiacal resorts of Diani Beach. Swim, sail or surf in the warm waters of Bamburi and Nyali. Enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving at the Marine National Park in Malindi. Investigate the Arab-influenced architecture in Lamu Old Town, a historic Swahili town on Lamu Island archipelago.

Kenya’s cities offer alternative views of the country. Nairobi is the compelling and gritty capital city, home to museums and galleries, a growing café culture and infectious nightlife. Spot endangered black rhinos at Nairobi National Park, just outside the city center. Wander the bustling and narrow streets of Mombasa, including Biashara Street’s market region. Take a romantic cruise around the Old Harbour on a traditional dhow boat.

Kenya straddles the equator and has an unpredictable climate, with year-round hot temperatures interspersed by heavy rains from April to June. Although Kenya is generally a safe, tourist-friendly destination, check the present situation before traveling to Nairobi and areas close to the Kenya-Somalia border.

Reach Kenya through Nairobi’s or Mombasa’s international airports and then get around via long and short-distance buses or organized tours. Renting a car can be expensive but is a great way to explore the country independently.

Popular cities in Kenya

Known for Beach view, Relaxing and Swimming

Reasons to visit

  • Diani Beach
  • Diani - Chale Marine National Park and Reserve
Maasai Mara
Maasai Mara
Known for Wildlife, Safaris and Nature

Reasons to visit

  • Maasai Mara National Reserve
  • Naboisho Conservancy
Nairobi which includes skyline, a high-rise building and a city
Known for Shopping, Safaris and Nature
In the “Green City in the Sun”, you can enjoy a safari with giraffes, elephants, lions and other wildlife, all within the city limits.


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