Torr Head

Drive to Northern Ireland’s wild coastline and enjoy the contrast between the bright blue of the Irish Sea and the dazzling green of the surrounding countryside.

Torr Head is a rugged headland that sticks out of the northern coast of Northern Ireland, and is a wonderful place to experience the area’s dramatic rural scenery. From Torr Head, you can see all the way across the Irish Sea to the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland.

Head to the tourist information centre in Ballycastle, which is 20 minutes to the west of Torr Head, to find out more about the area. Bear in mind that there are no shops or facilities on Torr Head itself, so it’s a good idea to bring your own food or stop at one of the coastal towns for a restaurant meal.

During the scenic drive to Torr Head, you will pass by Carnaneigh Mountain, Loughan Bay and the Tornamoney Valley, which is the site of the ruins of the 6th-century Altagore Cashel, a former stone fort. You can still make out the remains of a staircase and see the high defensive walls.

The actual drive to Torr Head is a real treat – the road is narrow and follows the Irish Sea, giving fantastic views all the way.

The coast of Scotland is located 24 kilometres away, and on a clear day you can see all the way to the mainland. Stop to watch the local sea birds diving in and out of the ocean as they catch fish.

Located 21 kilometres northeast of Belfast, it takes around an hour to reach Torr Head by car. Give yourself plenty of time and enjoy the small towns and lookout points dotted along the route. You can take a bus to the area, but this won’t allow you to stop at some of the best view points. Be careful of standing too close to the cliff edge as the area is known for its strong winds.

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