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When in Rome, they say, do as the Romans do. And your mum taught you manners, so you’d never push away a plate of fresh bruschetta—that would just be rude. Instead, you’ll do as a local would do and sink your teeth into the perfect marriage of garlic and olive oil. When you’re not devouring the best cuisine in Italy, you’ll be standing on the Spanish Steps and throwing your pennies into famous fountains, all before you have your second coffee of the day. Rome is enchanting, and no matter what your interests are, there is an activity that will take your breath away. “The Eternal City” is sure to steal your heart—while filling your stomach. So, what do you say, world traveller? Now that you’ve explored all the best things to do in Sydney and in your own backyard, why don’t you embark upon the trip of a lifetime to fair Roma? The local experts at Expedia.com.au are here to help.

Things to Do in Rome

Any journey to Roma worth its salt includes a trip to the Colosseum. Where gladiators once fought valiantly within stone walls, now tours lead you on a walk through history. After your visit the Colosseum, there are loads of tourist attractions in Rome to fill your time. A visit to the Piazza Navona reveals ornate sculptures and storied streets. When you need to refuel, this area also has plenty of restaurants and bars. Meanwhile, at the Pantheon, the ancient tombs and historic atmosphere are awe-inspiring.

Just steps from Rome sits the world’s smallest country, Vatican City. Cross St. Peter’s Square, and soon you’re entering the tiny nation’s sacred buildings. Once inside, you’ll crane your neck at the Sistine Chapel and be inspired by its intricate details. Outside, St. Peter’s Basilica is as grandiose as it is beautiful. When you walk your way back to Rome (no passport required) you’re met with an array of gelato shops and wine bars where you can recount the wonders you’ve seen throughout the day.

Book your Rome tours on Expedia.com.au today, and you’ll be slurping authentic spaghetti before you know it. When you book with us, not only is the process simple, but you’ll save lots of cash. Bundle your flight with a room in one of Rome’s historic hotels, add on your preferred activities, and the trip of a lifetime is planned in just moments. Let’s get travelling. Ready, set, ciao!

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