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Top activities in La Paz

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Top places to visit

1. Valle de la Luna

The Valle de la Luna is an unusual geological terrain comprising clay spires and troughs. Erosion has worn down a mountain, creating a colorful and moon-like topography. Admire the reds, violets and browns of this fascinating landscape just outside of La Paz.
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Clamber around the spikes and trenches of this unusual topography and follow the circular paths for spectacular views of otherworldly scenery.

2. Witches' Market

Perhaps the best place in La Paz to learn about Aymara culture is the Mercado de las Brujas (Witches’ Market). Here, the Andean indigenous group sells its clothing and handicrafts alongside herbal remedies and magical amulets. Discover the beliefs of the Aymara, see some of their stranger artefacts and buy some memorable souvenirs to take home with you.
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Lucky frogs, godly mummified llama foetuses and roving witch doctors are all common at this specialty Aymara market.

3. Plaza Murillo

Encircled with stately colonial-era palaces, Plaza Murillo is the historical heart of La Paz and the political centre of Bolivia. While the square is named after the revolutionary leader Pedro Domingo Murillo, it has been the city’s central square since colonial times. Tour the government buildings, visit a national art museum and enjoy the shade from the ring of trees around the square.
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The home of Bolivia’s president, Congress and much of its most prized national art can be found around this central square.

4. Plaza San Francisco

Get a panoramic view over the city centre, sample a tropical fruit from a street vendor and witness a political demonstration at Plaza San Francisco. This main square is one of the city’s most popular meeting places, attracting street musicians and La Paz’s sizeable indigenous population.
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Political demonstrations, street performers, food vendors and La Paz’s indigenous population converge on this centrally located square.

5. La Paz Metropolitan Cathedral

Located next to the Presidential Palace, La Paz Cathedral is one of the most important churches in Bolivia. See the tomb of a former Bolivian president inside, and learn about the political leaders executed on the plaza in front of the church. The rich neoclassical design of La Paz’s central church is one of the city’s most iconic sights.
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Stained-glass windows depicting former Bolivian presidents as well as a presidential tomb grace this church in La Paz’s political centre.

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