Hallyeo Waterway Observation Cable Car

Catch a cable car to see clear, unparalleled views of South Korea’s lush coastline, many islands and the Pacific Ocean, all the way to Japan.

Hallyeo Waterway Observation Cable Car offers a stunning 360-degree view of South Korea’s picturesque southern coastline. Go on a daytrip to the main island of Tongyeong and take the trip up to the summit of Mount Mireuksan on the cable car.

Mount Mireuksan rises up out of the Pacific Ocean on three sides and Tongyeung’s southern region on the other, and reaches 461 metres (1,512 feet) in height. The cable car is the longest of its kind in Korea, with a 1,975 metre (6,480 foot) span. The aerial ride, however, only takes 9 minutes before reaching the observation deck at the mountain’s peak. Once you reach the top, climb a set of stairs to see commanding views of the surrounding landscape and ocean. A small restaurant is located at the upper station, selling snacks and refreshments.

Face north to see a clear view of Tongyeong and its tree-covered hills. Turn your gaze south to see the hundreds of islands that are scattered over the coastline. If the atmosphere is clear, you can faintly see Tsushima Island in Japan to the southeast, approximately 80 kilometres (50 miles) away.

The cable car is situated in Hallyeo Waterway National Park, which includes a large stretch of coastline, islands and ocean along South Korea’s southeastern coast. Over a million tourists visit here each year.

Note your cable car’s unique name and take your place in the eight-seat carriage. In summer, many visitors come for the cable car ride so if you are in a small group, you may have to share your carriage with other visitors. The cost of admission covers the cable car ride and access to the park. The view is most magnificent on a clear day, so check the weather forecast ahead of your visit.

Tongyeong can be reached from Busan by car or bus. Catch another bus from here or park your car free of charge at the lower station of Hallyeo Waterway Observation Cable Car. The cable car operates year-round and service begins mid-morning and continues until the early evening.

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