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Tallinn which includes a sunset and a city

Visit this picturesque Baltic seaside getaway in summer to experience gorgeous beaches, densely forested national parks, charming islands and long, glorious days.

Estonia, the most northern country of the Baltic states, offers picturesque coastlines, quiet forests and beautifully preserved medieval architecture. Explore pristine beaches, charming seaside cities, scenic lakes and beautiful countryside. Snow-capped southern mountains frame dense forests. Stunning beach villages dot the northern coast. Enjoy summertime sun on Estonia’s western islands and gorgeous Gulf of Finland and Baltic Sea views.

Begin your Estonian adventure in Tallinn, the country’s capital. Explore the city’s strikingly well-preserved medieval old town, a UNESCO heritage site. Wander down Toompea’s cobbled streets and admire the stunning 15th-century guard towers and colorful wooden houses. Don’t miss Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a magnificent 19th-century Russian Orthodox church. Other fascinating architectural attractions include Riigikogu and St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Wander up Toompea Hill for panoramic views of the city and rolling waves of the Baltic Sea. Explore Pirita district’s beautiful seaside to find forested parks, the Botanical Gardens and a fishing village.

In West Estonia and the surrounding islands, experience a fun-filled beachside getaway. Relax at a seaside resort in Haapsalu and Pärnu. Discover stunning islands, where traditional Estonian culture remains untouched and beautiful national parks, headlands and rural communities abound. Saaremaa and Hiiumaa are the two largest islands.

Visit the country’s numerous national parks in summer to hike through verdant forests and see meteorite craters and migratory birds. Head south in winter to sled or ski over the crisp-white landscape and see frozen waterfalls and majestic moose. Get warm with local fruit wine made from apples and berries.

Reach Estonia by plane to Tallinn Airport or by train and bus from surrounding countries. Ferries connect Tallinn to Finland, Latvia, Germany and Sweden. Rent a car to explore Estonia at your own pace or use the country’s comprehensive public transportation system. Visit Estonia for the awe-inspiring Estonian Song Celebration, held every five years, or for the annual Viljandi Folk Music Festival. In summer, experience Estonia’s stunning “white nights,” when night skies remain lit like twilight, from May until July.

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