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Ellery Creek Big Hole which includes a sandy beach and general coastal views as well as a small group of people

Take a swim in this fresh water creek between glowing red cliffs and ghostly gums or picnic on the sandy bank and enjoy the serenity of the Australian outback.

Ellery Creek Big Hole is a waterhole oasis in the desert fed by the fresh water of Ellery Creek. The natural pool is surrounded by lush plants and provides a life source for much wildlife.

During the warmer months the clear waters are a popular place for swimming. The water in the deep hole remains extremely cold year-round. Some swimmers who stay in the water too long have been known to suffer hypothermia, so make sure there’s plenty of sun for you to bathe in on the sandy beach afterwards.

The Ellery Creek Big Hole is a significant site for the Arrernte people, who call it Udepata. It’s also part of the dreaming trails of the Honey Ant and Fish. Dreaming trails are the paths across the geologically significant areas that Indigenous Australians believe were created by travelling spirits in the Dreamtime.

Ellery Creek Big Hole is one of the stops on the Larapinta Trail. Many hikers stay for a picnic and to cool off in the shade of the red cliffs. If you don’t want to join up to the Larapinta Trail, take the shorter 3-kilometre (1.8-mile) Dolomite Walk, which leads from the Ellery Creek Big Hole car park through rocky formations where wildflowers grow. Areas of the Dolomite Walk are rich habitat for pituri, a nicotine plant that is chewed and used in ceremonies by local indigenous people.

Birdlife is prolific around the waterhole and in the surrounding rocks and spinifex grass. Keep an eye out for dusky grasswrens and hard-to-spot spinifex birds on the Dolomite Walk. You may also see tiny weebill songbirds, Australian ringneck parrots and varied duck species. Dingos are sometimes spotted around the waterhole.

The Ellery Creek Big Hole is located 80 kilometres (49.71 miles) west of Alice Springs. Camping grounds near the waterhole have basic facilities such as gas barbecues and toilets. Bring your own water supplies. This is a popular camping ground used by walkers on the Larapinta Trail, so it’s best to arrive early in the day to ensure you get a site.

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Holidays in Ellery Creek Big Hole

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