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Known for Shopping, Chinatown and Theme Parks

One of the biggest cities in Japan has one of the largest Chinatowns in the world. It is also known for its waterfront amusements, monuments and local cuisine.

How do you get to Yokohama?

Once a small fishing village, Yokohama is now one of the largest seaports in the Far East. With a redeveloped waterfront area full of attractions, a vast Chinatown, shopping malls and gorgeous parks, you’ll find much to entertain and excite you.

The first thing to capture your attention will most likely be Landmark Tower. Standing at 971 feet (296 meters), this massive structure is one of the tallest buildings in Japan. Ride the elevator to the viewing platform on the 69th floor and gasp at the views. The tower is located in Minato Mirai 21 district, a revitalized area of museums, malls, offices and attractions. While you are here, ride the huge Ferris wheel at Cosmo World amusement park, shop in the Red Brick Warehouse and learn about rocket engines at Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum.

Stroll among the fountains and statues of Yamashita Park overlooking Yokohama Bay. Spot cruise liners passing by and see Minato Mirai’s Ferris wheel lit up at night. Explore the decks and cabins of Hikawa Maru, a luxury liner launched in 1929 now permanently docked beside the park. Walk high above the bay on the Sky Walk, the elevated walkway on the side of the Yokohama Bay Bridge.

With more than 500 shops and restaurants, Yokohama’s Chinatown is one of the world’s largest. Visit Yokohama Daisekai, an 8-story entertainment mall with an interior modeled after 1920s Shanghai. See fortunetellers, browse souvenir shops and dine in the food court.

For more local cuisine, visit the Ramen Museum, a couple of miles from Chinatown. Learn about the history of ramen noodles by visiting the first-floor gallery. Go to the basement area that replicates an old Tokyo town, with restaurants that serve noodle dishes representing different regions of Japan.

Yokohama is just 23 miles (37 kilometers) south of Tokyo, a 30-minute train ride away. This exciting port city is popular with tourists vacationing in Japan’s capital.

Activities in Yokohama

Ride one of the world’s fastest elevators to the top of this landmark to see some of Yokohama’s best views.

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Get the freedom to explore the sights of Yokohama your own way with a personal driver and vehicle to take you around for a day. You can choose your favorite destinations in the beautiful city, from the lively China Town to the historic Red Brick Warehouse and the bustling port.

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Gather at the Shinjuku VIP Lounge for departure at 8:10 AM or Ueno Station Park Exit for departure at 8:50 AM. Board the bus towards Kamakura. Get off the bus and start the tour by visiting the Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine, Kamakura's most important shrine.

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If you’re interested in Japanese martial arts, Samurai or Bushido culture, then this must-try experience is perfect for your next adventure in Japan! This crash-course lesson will introduce Kobudo, a cultural tradition of Japanese martial arts that dates back to over 700 years ago.

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With a National Licensed and Experienced English speaking guide, you can see Japan's background that is off-limits to ordinary tourists after the tour. This short trip is a fantastic and great value way of experiencing Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine! Tsurugaoka Hachimangu is arguably Kamakura's most important shrine.

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Take a break from the fast-paced life of Tokyo and journey back to the ancient capital of Japan, Kamakura, which is home to the Samurai. Get a taste of the beautiful landscape and shrines. Enjoy visiting the exact locations of the manga Slam Dunk, all in a single tour.

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Get a chance to explore the sights of Kamakura at your own pace for a look at this historic center of fuedal Japan. A private vehicle and driver give you the freedom to visit the temples, shrines, and historical monuments that date back to the early days of the samurai.

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