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Top places to visit

1. Vasa Museum

You have probably heard of the Titanic’s fatal maiden voyage. The Vasa Museum (Vasamuseet) tells the lesser-known story of the Vasa battleship, which sank three centuries earlier before even leaving the harbour where it was launched. Marine archaeologists recovered the 17th-century battleship from 32 metres (105 feet) of water and preserved much of the ship and its artefacts in a public museum.
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Stockholm’s harbour was the resting site for a Swedish warship that capsized just after launch. Now history and artefacts reveal its story in great detail.

2. ABBA The Museum

With fun and intriguing costumes, songs and memorabilia, ABBA The Museum celebrates one of Sweden’s most famous and iconic exports of all time. The stories of Frida, Björn, Benny and Agnetha are told by their own voices and perspectives in this interactive museum. Find out everything about the band, from their humble beginnings to the gradual break-up.
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Admire costumes and step inside replicas of recording studios to sing alongside holograms of the Dancing Queen icons. If the phone rings, pick it up.

3. Skansen

Enjoy the Skansen, which was established in 1891 and is now one of the world’s oldest open-air museums. Artur Hazelius, a Swedish teacher and scholar, spent nearly 10 years buying over 150 buildings from Swedish villages, taking them apart and shipping them to Djurgården Island for reassembly. His objective was to preserve traditional customs and occupations before they were lost to changing times. Explore re-creations ranging from 16th-century farms to a 19th-century traditional town complete with detailed displays of shops and workplaces typical for the craftsmen and merchants of the time.
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Leave modern Stockholm behind while observing old Nordic traditions brought to life at one of the oldest outdoor museums in the world.

4. Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall is among the finest works of architecture in both Stockholm and Sweden. It is the headquarters of Stockholm’s Municipal Council and where politicians and state officials make important decisions. Take a tour of Stockholm City Hall to glimpse the working life of the building and see its superb art collection. Climb the City Hall Tower and be rewarded with panoramic views.
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Join a guided tour of the resplendent halls of this fortress-like municipal building, which is the host venue for the annual Nobel Prize banquet.

5. Stockholm Palace

Stockholms Slott, now the residence of Sweden’s royal family, is an impressive Baroque-style structure in Gamla Stan. The seven-storey palace was built in the 1700s and has over 600 rooms. Visit the Royal Palace to enjoy its Italian sculptures, watch the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard and appreciate the grandeur of royal life.
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Visit the official residence of the Swedish royal family to see sumptuous architecture, decoration and art collected and appreciated since the 1700s.

6. Nobel Museum

The first Nobel Prize was awarded more than 110 years ago, inspired and funded by Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel. At the Nobel Museum, learn more of the fascinating story of who this philanthropist was, how he built his wealth and why he chose to bequeath it for the creation of international prizes. He invented dynamite and armament devices and later created the Nobel Prize to recognise not only scientists, but also those who foster international fraternity and peace.
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Learn about the story behind the Nobel Prize and the noble aspirations and deeds of those who have won the prize through the years.

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