Stockholm County

Stockholm County
Hike through lush forests, marvel at royal palaces, shop in chic Scandinavian stores and explore miles of enchanting coastline in this beautiful province known for its many islands.

Stockholm is the name most people identify with Sweden’s capital city, but it’s also the name of one of the country’s counties. Venture beyond the city of Stockholm to discover the county’s forests and archipelagos. This is a land of natural beauty and unique cultural attractions. Visit a modern museum dedicated to a famous Swedish band, take a boat to a palace on an island and trek through incredible landscapes.

The capital city of Stockholm takes up the largest area in the county and is filled with magnificent architecture. Explore the Royal Palace, the residence of the King of Sweden, which features five different museums and the royal armory. For a glimpse of the Sweden of old, head to the Skansen Open-Air Museum to experience what life was like on Swedish farms.

Stockholm’s museums also celebrate the city’s rich musical and artistic heritage. ABBA fans should stop by ABBA the Museum and the Swedish Music Hall of Fame to examine music and clothes from one of Sweden’s most popular bands. Another option is Moderna Museet, a fascinating museum presenting artworks by Dalí, Picasso and Matisse.

Take a ferry from Stockholm to the Stockholm Archipelago to explore scenic islands filled with forests and farmlands. To the west of Stockholm is the enchanting archipelago of Ekerö, where the royal family’s Drottningholm Palace is located. For education on the country’s Viking days, head to Birka, the site of an old city that would have been frequented by Vikings.

To explore Stockholm County, use the extensive public transportation system, which includes ferries, metro trains and buses. Buy your tickets before stepping onto the bus, as fares can’t be paid for on board. Save on transportation costs by buying a Stockholm Pass, which provides free or discounted entrance to certain attractions.

For plenty of sun and warm days, visit Stockholm in the mid-summer months. Winter, while frosty, is full of holiday festivity and cozy Christmas markets.