Solomon Islands

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Solomon Islands showing general coastal views, mountains and a sunset
Swim in warm lagoons, hike along remote trails to World War II memorials and see fish-filled shipwrecks on the seabed in this enticing island nation.

The Solomon Islands are an unspoiled Pacific paradise featuring lagoons, mangroves and dense tropical forests. Scuba dive your way around coral-encrusted sunken ships, hike to hidden waterfalls and stop by a World War II museum to learn about how the nation was affected by foreign powers.

Learn about the Solomon Islands’ rich cultural history, which is thought to have begun with settlers around 30,000 B.C. European influence on the islands started with the arrival of Spanish explorers in 1568. Today, many local residents work in farming and fishing, though tourism is fast developing into an important industry.

Most visitors start on the main island of Guadalcanal, which contains the capital of Honiara. Spend time in Honiara’s Central Market, a busy food and goods market with stalls lined up next to the oceanfront. Buy fresh fish, choose from a variety of colorful crafts or simply sit back and people watch.

East of Honiara are a scattering of natural beauty spots and World War II memorials. Hike to the spectacular Tenaru Waterfalls and make the ascent to the 1,345-foot (410-meter) summit of Mount Austen. Look for abandoned war vehicles near Tetere Beach and learn about how the islands were used as a staging area and battleground during World War II.

Water lovers will be in heaven on the Solomon Islands, which has an abundance of large lagoons. Travel to the island of New Georgia to see the coconut palm trees and rainforests surrounding Marovo Lagoon. For an underwater adventure, snorkel or scuba dive among the Bonegi wreckage, two Japanese ships that have been claimed by the sea.

Arrive to the Solomon Islands by air from surrounding areas such as Australia and Fiji. The airport, Henderson International Airport, is east of Honiara. From there, take a domestic flight to surrounding islands or hop on a passenger boat.

Plan your trip from June to September for the best weather conditions on land. For quality diving conditions, arrange your visit sometime from December to March. Whatever season you choose to explore the Solomon Islands, natural beauty, cultural experiences and friendly local communities await.

Solomon Islands

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