Recent Reviews for SAS

Mar 14, 2020

Broken wheel on suitcase 😑

Mar 10, 2020

Good overall comfort

Mar 4, 2020

Better than Qatar airways

Jan 21, 2020

Friendly staff

Dec 10, 2019

Excellent as per usual with Singapore Airlines

Oct 10, 2019

check in was 1.45 1st staff got there at 12.50 rest of staff for check in was 1.05 but in stead of checking us in they talked to each other for 10 min. On plane staff said credit card facility was not working so a beer cost me 10 Euro I questioned but was told that was the price. I maybe Australian but I’m not that stupid will never fligh SAS again

Oct 5, 2019

Everything is as expected. There isn’t really anything to review. Flights are reasonable price, staff are professional. All in all, everything is as expected, which isn’t always common so I guess you could say they’re above average.

Sep 12, 2019

The flight was fine

Sep 10, 2019

Big fan. Service was efficient, everything ran on time, planes are good quality and booking processes easy. Kudos SAS.

Sep 6, 2019

Unhappy with time waited for luggage to come off plane! We waited nearly 2hours! No seats available to sit down while waiting and no SAS available to speak to to ask why we have to wait!

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SAS offers value for money through attractive discounts and promotional offers, easy access to customer service and schedules that seem almost tailor-made for every traveller. SAS flights make travel anywhere in and out of Australia an experience hard to forget.

SAS operates by keeping the customer in focus at all times. Be it great deals to choose from, friendly on-board and back end customer service staff or a network of flights that is difficult to match. SAS flights have everything going to make them the preferred airline of choice for anyone in the Australian circuit. There is really no need to look beyond SAS as you can get everything that you need as an air traveller right here whether you need to fly for business or pleasure. With convenient online booking and no hidden or additional fares flying with SAS is an experience you would like to talk about. Fly to the most popular destinations on fares that can be quite hard to resist if you happen to book when the airline comes up with the many promotions that run almost every other day. You can also check-in online and take advantage of the hugely popular customer centric facilities that SAS have to offer.