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Known for Rivers, Gardens and Friendly People

How do you get to Killorglin?

Activities in Killorglin

As pretty as a postcard and only reachable by slow travel, this pass gives you time to breathe the clear air and see the beauty of every wildflower.

See the rare fauna and visit the quaint cottages adorning the picturesque lakes and forests of this mountainous national park.

Standing guard over the lake, this silent ruin provides a glimpse of life in an Ireland that was often a land of warring clans.

Enjoy varied delights on this splendid estate, which offers a look into daily life in the past, both inside a luxurious home and on a busy farm.

The ladies-in-waiting of an English queen were speechless at this sight. Looking out over such a lovely landscape, you might be awestruck as well.

Hidden in the mossy forest is a sight that can refresh any weary hiker, where fresh waters hurtle over stones, sheltered by a leafy canopy.

In a green field stands an impressive cathedral especially beloved by its townsfolk. Inside, find a welcoming community church decorated with beautiful stained glass.