Four Little things that make a big difference

You can unlock savings on more of your trip*
You can save money on your hotel or activity when you book a flight first.*
Plus, have the flexibility to choose from available flight, hotel or activity options that suit you.
It's a great way to save.
The traveller that books together, saves together.
Package your flight + hotel together to save more
By packaging your flight + hotel you access special rates not available when booking separately.
Plus have the flexibility to choose the flight & hotel you want.
It's a great way to save. So why book separately?
The more accommodating way to pay.
Don’t want to pay for your hotel up front? No problem.
Enjoy the freedom to pay now or later at tens of thousands of hotels on Expedia.
Why pay now? The price of your booking won’t change and you can pay Expedia today in AUD.
Why pay later? Enjoy the convenience of paying the hotel directly upon check-out in the hotels local currency.
Be rewarded and save money
Deals just for you
Exclusive access to Expedia Rewards offers which save you money or increase your points earnings.
Redeem points your way
Enjoy more flexibility with no blackout dates and book travel for yourself or others.
+ VIP hotel benefits
+silver & +gold members can enjoy hotel extras like free breakfast. Free room upgrades for +gold upon availability.
Join Expedia Rewards today and enjoy these great benefits and more!   

Ways You Can Save

1. Book your flight

Booking your flight(s) with us can unlock savings immediately for a range of hotels and activities around the world.

2. Don't miss your savings window

The dates for your eligible flight booking determine how long you’ll have to access the unlocked hotel and activity savings.

Your trip starts: Your unlocked savings are available for:

In the next 30 days

10 days from when you booked the flight

Over 30 days out

20 days from when you booked the flight

3. Select locations near or far from your flight destination

You can book a range of hotels and activities around the world, not just in the destination of your flight. This is perfect for those holidays when you want to experience multiple hotel stays or immerse yourself in a range of activities. For example, if you're flying into London, you can save on a range of stays and activities in nearby Bath or even Paris.

4. There's no limit

After you make your eligible flight booking, you can book as many of the available hotel or activity options as you want for your trip as long as your offer lasts.

5. Make the most of your unlocked savings

With this 10 or 20-day savings window, you can continue to take advantage of multiple hotel and activity offers around the world, making it easy to plan more than one trip and enjoy the same great offers.

Book Your Flight Now

Terms & Conditions

* Savings as compared to prices for the same products generally available on Savings available on select hotels/activities only and not available with all flight bookings. Savings offered will vary based on flight destination, length of trip, booked dates and select product suppliers. Offers are available for a limited time only after booking your flight.