Province of Burgos Travel Guide

Tourist Guide
Photo provided by National Tourist Office of Spain
Taste the red and white wines of the vineyards and explore hilly villages that reveal interesting facets of Spanish history.

Burgos is a province with historic and cultured towns. It contains some of the country’s oldest Spanish documents and artifacts. Its namesake capital city has a UNESCO-listed cathedral. Explore the 10 comarcas (districts) that make up this fascinating and scenic region.

For a glimpse of local culture, visit the province’s capital, Burgos. Explore the historic center and relax in the green parks of this historic city, part of the Way of St. James pilgrimage route. Its Old Town comprises cobbled alleys and restaurants serving the local specialty of blood sausage.

Gaze up at the Gothic spires of the Burgos Cathedral that rise above the skyline. Visit the Burgos Teatro Principal, the Museo de Burgos and the Arco de Santa María. Just northwest of the cathedral is the hilltop medieval Burgos Castle. Tour the spectacular Monasterio de Santa María la Real de las Huelgas, a little west of the city center.

Visit the Colegiata de Santa María in Valpuesta, where the Cartularies of Valpuesta were found. These are perhaps the oldest known documents in Spanish. Nearby is the city of Miranda de Ebro, which is known for the 18th-century Carlos III Bridge and the remaining ramparts of the Castle of Miranda de Ebro.

Drive south from Burgos city for 1 hour to reach the wineries of Aranda de Duero. Go to the Don Carlos Historical Wine Cellar and the Santa María Church.

The namesake capital city is at an elevation of 2,817 feet (859 meters), inducing cool, windy winters and warm to hot summers. Find the province in the region of Castile and Léon in the central northern part of Spain. Its borders are south of Bilbao and Santander. Take a bus or overnight train from Barcelona and other European destinations and get to Burgos province by car, train or bus.

The province of Burgos has a hilly terrain with charming towns that bring history to life.