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Known for Cafés, Sports and Running

Much more than its thrilling Running of the Bulls, this historic Navarre city also offers an exciting blend of food, culture and tradition.

How do you get to Pamplona?

The name Pamplona is now synonymous with one of the biggest festivals in Europe, the “San Fermín” or the Running of the Bulls. The legendary celebration creates an infectious party atmosphere in the city, but come outside of that time to experience a place packed with culture. Feast on the famous food of northern Spain, visit fascinating museums and mingle with the friendly locals in an otherwise seldom-seen destination.

Stroll along streets that were once frequented by Romans, who founded the city in 75 B.C. The city’s tactical location near the French border means that the Spanish built multiple fortifications to protect the town. Learn more about these structures in the Interpretation Centre of the Fortifications of Pamplona.

Explore the Museum of Navarre to learn about the region’s colorful history. The museum features diverse displays on prehistoric archaeology, Roman Pamplona and the Moorish occupation. Peruse a selection of paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Tour the architectural highlights of the city. The 19th-century Palace of Navarre is the regional seat of government, with a selection of murals and an impressive throne room. Bring your camera for photos of St. Mary’s Cathedral, a stunning Gothic landmark that houses relics and royal tombs.

Join thousands of visitors to Pamplona during the Running of the Bulls, a tradition which dates back to the 13th century. The festival takes place every July and involves a herd of bulls charging through the city center. Watch as the runners, dressed in white with a red handkerchief, pray to San Fermín before running 0.5 miles (825 meters) through the town.

Spend your evenings dining on Basque cuisine. Pinxtos, the local form of tapas, is on offer in most restaurants, accompanied by a selection of Navarra wines.

Fly into Pamplona Airport, which is about 10 minutes outside of the city center by car. Hordes of tourists flock to Pamplona in July to take part in the San Fermin. Visit outside of this period for lower prices, fewer crowds and sunny days in the hills of northern Spain.

Activities in Pamplona

The beating heart of the Old Town district is home to historic cafés and elegant buildings. It’s also where you can attend free concerts.  

This civic building in Pamplona’s Old Town square has an elaborate façade and is famous for a firework rocket, which signals the start of the Fiesta of San Fermín. 

Go for a laidback stroll through a Japanese garden and take a journey to the stars at the city’s planetarium. 

An arresting façade, richly decorated chapels and the tomb of a former king make this centuries-old church one of Pamplona’s most symbolic landmarks. 

Journey into the solar system by browsing traveling science displays and learning about star constellations via multimedia exhibits and movies. 

Spend a lively evening in Pamplona with a musical or theatrical performance at a prominent cultural venue that also hosts exhibitions.

Get an in-depth insight into the culture and history of bullfighting in Pamplona on a guided tour of this majestic bullring. 

From this busy square elegant avenues fan out in all directions, leading to major city landmarks and popular areas of the Old Town. 

Tickets & Tours

Experience Xavier Castle, a unique location even for the seasoned traveler. Afterwards, discover Pamplona, with its quaint old quarter and city walls, and all the spots where the crazy and wild happens during the San Fermin festivities.

Best areas to visit in Pamplona

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