Kemi which includes snow and landscape views

Discover traditional Lappish culture on the edge of the Arctic Circle and visit the home of Santa Claus.

Find out what it takes to survive in the world’s coldest locations and get close to a polar bear in unforgettable Rovaniemi. When you visit the spot where Santa and his elves work tirelessly throughout the year, turn in your own Christmas list personally.

On the banks of the pretty river Kemijoki, Lapland’s capital is the perfect place to get a sense of life in the far north. Start in the Arktikum science centre, a short bus ride from the middle of town. Set inside a long glass tunnel, the exterior itself is amazing. Inside, two separate areas will take you on a fascinating, if chilly journey. Explore the city’s long and sometimes devastating history. Review a range of displays about the people, animals and plants that battle around the world to survive in similar frozen conditions.

Next door, the Pilke Tiedekeskus offers a variety of hands-on exhibits about the forestry industry in Finland. Sit inside a powerful logging vehicle or see if you have the skills to be a forestry manager.

The highlight for many, young and old, will be a visit to Santa Claus Village, a 10-minute drive north of the city centre. All ages can enjoy sledding and snow games before you get the chance to meet Santa himself. Continue in this magical land with a short stroll south to Santapark to explore an underground world of slides and rides.

Rovaniemi is in the region of Lapland in northern Finland. Use the small airport just outside town or take an international flight to Helsinki and use the sleeper train service. In town, a selection of restaurants serve all types of food including the local delicacy of sautéed reindeer.

Fulfil childhood dreams in the snowy haven of Rovaniemi.

Popular cities in Lapland

Inari which includes tranquil scenes and a lake or waterhole
This center for Sámi culture sits in a region surrounded by a breathtaking landscape of lakes, islands and fells that are ideal for outdoor adventures.

Reasons to visit

  • Lemmenjoki National Park
  • Siida
  • Lake Menesjarvi
Enontekio which includes tranquil scenes, landscape views and forests
Go skiing, learn about the region’s history and meet residents of the charming communities who call this beautiful area of open parkland home.

Reasons to visit

  • Fell-Lapland Nature Centre
  • Sotkajarven Bird-Watching Tower
  • Enontekio Church
Rovaniemi which includes a river or creek, a bridge and a sunset

Reasons to visit

  • Arktikum
  • Lordi's Square
Akaslompolo which includes kayaking or canoeing, tranquil scenes and a river or creek
North of the Arctic Circle, find stunning natural beauty, perfect for winter skiing, summer hiking and year-round family fun.