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Known for Tour, Sightseeing and Castles

Inverness has all the attractions of a major city, including quality museums and heritage sites, as well as a perfect placement for Highland exploring.

How do you get to Inverness?

Lively urban life and stunning country landscapes come together in Inverness, a city that mixes modernity and tradition to create a unique Highland experience. Visit the town center’s galleries, museums and theaters and explore the historical city buildings. Experience Scotland’s famous wilderness in the surrounding mountains or discover the nature contained within the town itself.

Saints and Shakespearean kings have all reportedly lived here at the mouth of the River Ness, where a city has existed since the 12th century. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Inverness flourished as a port. Remnants of this period are still evident in places such as Church Street, where many buildings date back to this era. Step into Abertarff House, one of the city’s oldest buildings, for a glimpse of life during this time.

Follow the historic trail around the city, stopping at Inverness Castle, which today functions as the courthouse, and Victorian buildings such as the Town House and Public Library. Buy souvenirs in the Victorian Market, a traditional arcade containing shops.

Learn about the history of the old town in Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, which traces the story of the Highlands and displays art by local painters and sculptors. Eden Court Theatre and Cinema provides evening entertainment for the city's culture enthusiasts.

Disappear into the wooded riverside walks of Ness Islands, a swath of nature cutting through the middle of the city. Look for salmon jumping and otters gamboling in the water.

Find historical sights outside the city limits too. Climb the tower of stunning Urquhart Castle on the green banks of Loch Ness or reenact a battle at Culloden Battlefield and Visitor Centre.

Inverness has a station served by regular trains from the rest of Scotland and an airport with connections to most of the U.K.'s major cities, including London and Belfast. Visit in winter for skiing in the nearby mountains or arrange your trip for summer to enjoy warm days and light evenings.

Activities in Inverness

A setting in one of Shakespeare’s iconic tragedies, this crenellated castle sits on a hill overlooking the River Ness.

Visit one of the most scenic heritage attractions in Scotland, a set of majestic ruins on the banks of the glittering waters of Loch Ness.

See a performance, watch a movie or take a creative class at this important cultural venue.

Discover the intriguing art and artifacts housed inside this controversial cathedral in the city center.

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