Pont Neuf showing a sunset, a river or creek and a castle

Pick out attractions across the arrondissements from the viewpoint of the Eiffel Tower and make outings to them on the ground.

Île-de-France is the bustling region enclosing the capital city of Paris. It comprises the historic suburbs of the famous metropolis and the parks, rivers and canals connecting smaller towns.

Visit the capital city for a glimpse into Parisian life and culture. Wander through the Tuileries Garden, walk along the Seine River and see the Mona Lisa in Le Louvre in the 1st Arrondissement. Peruse glass-roofed shopping passages in the 2nd Arrondissement and learn about Jewish and Chinese cultures in the 3rd Arrondissement.

The 4th Arrondissement, with the iconic Notre Dame de Paris, also includes the gay quarter. Expand from the center to explore the Latin quarter, the bourgeois architecture of the 6th Arrondissement and the Eiffel Tower itself. The 18th Arrondissement features the Moulin Rouge and the Sacre Coeur in Montmartre. Relax in the vast Parc des Buttes-Chaumont and gaze up at the Temple de la Sybille overlooking the lake.

Outside the city are other French highlights. Bring the kids to the thrilling rides and magical ambiance of Disneyland Paris in Marne-la-Vallée. Travel south to the charming town of Fontainebleau to see the majestic Château de Fontainebleau.

Versailles, southwest of Paris, contains the royal palace and gardens of King Louis XIV. Stay in the countryside to encounter other castles, such as the Château de Dampierre, the Château de Rambouillet and the Château de Monte-Cristo, where writer Alexandre Dumas once lived.

Fly to a Paris airport or travel by train from London or other European cities. Find the region in the central northern part of the country, surrounding Paris. It encompasses areas as far west as Mantes-la-Jolie and as far east as Provins. Visit the adjacent areas of Normandy and Grand Est.

Summers here are hot and pleasant. Expect harsh winters with wind, rain and occasional snow flurries that complement the lights of the Champs-Elysées in the lead-up to Christmas.

Île-de-France contains the enchanting city of Paris and many castles that decorate its wealthy suburban towns.

Popular cities in Ile-de-France

Eiffel Tower featuring a monument, heritage architecture and a sunset
Wander around the café-lined streets or ascend to the top of one of the city’s main attractions for breathtaking panoramic views of France’s romantic capital.

Reasons to visit

  • Notre-Dame
  • Eiffel Tower
  • La Machine du Moulin Rouge
Versailles showing a garden, a statue or sculpture and landscape views
Come to visit the magnificent palace and stay to explore the historic town, whose elegant museums and cultural hotspots are just as fascinating.

Reasons to visit

  • Palace of Versailles
  • Château de Versailles Gardens & Park

Reasons to visit

  • Chateau de Fontainebleau
  • Forêt de Fontainebleau

Reasons to visit

  • Chateau de St-Germain-en-Laye