Aussies throw in the towel on their holidays!

Learn more about our vacation deprivation by reading the full 2012 study.

The world’s meanest bosses*

Italy (56% disapprove)
South Korea (52%)
Argentina (47%)
Denmark (46%)

The world’s nicest bosses*

Norway (only 12% disapprove)
Sweden (18%)
Netherlands (21%)
Canada (22%)

* Measured by perceived disapproval of vacation time.

Everyone loves the beach

The top vacation types, by category:
Beach holiday (38%)
Romantic holiday (19%)
City holiday (13%)
Outdoor holiday (11%)

Why we skip vacations

Top rationales for skipping vacation include:
Money: 38%
Failure to plan: 20%
Work is my life: 10%

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    Vacation Deprivation Key Statistics

    Australia ranked 3rd in countries not using full leave entitlements. Read entire survey


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