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Have You Ever Experienced a High-Quality Stopover or Transit Tour in Korea?

Planning your holiday overseas? Whether you are leaving Australian soil for Europe, the America’s, Africa or even other Asian cities Korea has some amazing stopover programs or transit tours available. You can tour around the international hub Incheon, shop and or sight-see in the big city Seoul. There is world-class shopping, fine dining, majestic palaces and more in the dynamic country that is Korea. These great options are available free of charge and easy to lock in; all you need to do is stop by Korea!



Stopover Tours in Incheon

The airport has several layover tour programs for transiting passengers interested in experiencing the charms and culture of Incheon during their brief stays. During your stopover, you can enjoy many unique experiences near Incheon International Airport. Be sure to visit Paradise City - it’s the first and most advanced Korean-style resort complex in Northeast Asia, featuring multi-purpose entertainment facilities including hotels, casinos, shopping mall and spa. You’ll also want to visit Eurwangi Beach - one of the country’s most popular beaches with all kinds of fun attractions. More info


Tour Your Way Through Colourful Korea

What’s your passion? Food? Shopping? Beauty & wellness? Culture? Exotic activities? No matter what’s your passion, in Korea you can experience it to the max. If you’re not sure where to start planning your holiday in Korea, there is a site to help you. For available tours, information guides on different regions, special interest themed activities or want to know who to reach out to please visit the website Visit Korea For Me. You can design and embark on the Korean holiday of your dreams with this valuable resource at your side.


Incheon: The Luxury Travel Destination

Even just a short stopover visit to Seoul will afford you a chance to enjoy the many luxurious experiences of Incheon. The lovely, traditional-style Gyeongwonjae Hotel is traditional Hanok-style 5 star hotel located in Incheon’s Songdo Hanok Village. Take a stroll along the NC Cube Canal Walk - Here you can enjoy shopping, dining and family-friendly activities. Top off your visit with a trip to the top of NEAT Tower—the 2nd tallest building in Korea. Once at the top, relax at the Panoramic 65 Bar and enjoy spectacular views of Songdo.


Korean Cuisine

Korean food is known worldwide for its delicious aromas, vibrant colours and combination of numerous spices and ingredients to create a taste unlike any other dish you’ve had before. Much of what is cooked is done so in the belief in the harmony of flavours, the health benefits in the ingredients and refreshing the body with a wholesome meal. Better yet, these delicious dishes are available in the street markets that have stood for centuries, the quaint restaurants and cafés, and in the Michelin-star restaurants.


Ganghwado: The Hidden Treasure of Korea

Ganghwado is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Korea’s Tourism City of 2018. It’s like a fascinating island museum without a roof. Ganghwa Peace Observatory is a mere 2.3 km from the North Korea border. You can see North Korea with the naked eye or look through a coin-op telescope to observe North Korean folks cycling and working in the fields. Complete your visit with a tour of Jeondeungsa Temple - one of the oldest temples in Korea, built during the introduction of Buddhism in 381. The Temple has witnessed more than 1,500 years of history, overcoming many invasions and battles until the end of the 19th century. Many come here for rest, healing and meditation with monks.


Wellness Travel

Many of us today wish for that moment of escape from the bustling streets, honking car horns and the daily routine we’ve settled in. Thankfully, when you travel to Korea there are terrific options for those who want to remove themselves from the city and focus back on your own wellbeing. Wellness retreats surrounded by trees, offering holistic therapies and treatments, temple stay programs in the mountains and specialist spas that continue to practice centuries-old treatments with prime ingredients such as Red Ginseng.

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