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What are the most hated cities on earth?

Posted on Monday 27 January 2014 in Travel



Paris, France, took first place in A Luxury Travel Blog's list of most hated cities in the world. - Travel Travel News

When travellers visit an unfamiliar city, they're exposed to the cultural differences and unique traditions of that locale. That's the reason why many people travel - for new experiences and exposure to other customs. Every destination has something to offer; however, some cities are just plain unpopular. That's why travel website A Luxury Travel Blog gathered a list of the most hated cities in the world. Check out the top five and decide for yourself if these locales deserve the bad reviews:

Paris, France
At the top of the list was Paris, a city of gorgeous architecture, delicious food and romance. It's hard to understand why a city that has been featured in so many movies and on postcards galore is so strongly disliked, but you can't argue with opinion. Travellers complained that it feels an awful lot like a tourist trap - everything is too expensive, there are crowds of picture-taking visitors all over and starving artists on the streets coerce you into paying up for portraits and performances. Many were also irritated by the rude waiters, long lines at sites such as the Louvre Museum and the excess of dog droppings in public spaces.

Tijuana, Mexico
A trip to Tijuana may seem like a fun and exotic vacation idea, but the city tends to leave a bad taste in visitors' mouths. It starts with the exhaustive drug screenings at the border. Then, you enter the Mexican city to find a place that has been devastated by the recession - the buildings are dilapidated and there's gang activity taking place on many street corners. Disease is also widespread here, and there is even a swine flu epidemic.

Belize City, Belize
Travellers often come to Belize City expecting a relaxing Caribbean vacation but find themselves in the midst of an urban nightmare. The streets are lined with battered, broken-down buildings, not to mention criminal activity and drug dealing. Those seeking a romantic Belize getaway are better off sticking to the Central Coast and North islands.

New Delhi, India
New Delhi is one of these destinations that people around the world write into their bucket lists; however, it often turns out to be less exotic and authentic than expected. Scams are incredibly common here, and travellers often feel like they're getting ripped off, from the moment they check in at their hotels until they board the plane for the trip home. That's why it was featured on National Geographic's "Scam City," a show that uncovers the darker side of the world's most popular destinations.

Los Angeles, California, USA
Home to Hollywood, Disneyland and other hot attractions, Los Angeles is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. But it can be a less-than-enjoyable experience for those not aware of the conditions of the city. The public transportation system is a mess, which means the streets are constantly crowded, and people spend a lot of time sitting in traffic jams. Additionally, there's a lot of noise and smog, and the area is known for race riots as well as earthquakes. In addition to all this, it's quite a trap for tourists - visitors often come for the celebrity hotspots and end up spending a bundle during their stays.

Other hated locales
Along with these five destinations, others made the cut for worst most hated in the world. Timbuktu, Mali, came in sixth place for its excessive heat and presence of sand in every nook and cranny, including hotel rooms. Aussies will be saddened to hear that Melbourne and Sydney were also among the least liked locales; however, it's not the international travellers that hate them - the residents of Melbourne despise Sydney and vice versa. People may also want to avoid Lima, Peru, and Cairo, Egypt, as well as Jakarta, Indonesia, during their travels.

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