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Choosing the right luggage for a trip

Posted on Friday 09 March 2012 in Themes, Travel



How a traveller packs for an upcoming trip can often make all the difference, leading to a positive and stress-free experience.  - Themes Travel News

How a traveller packs for an upcoming trip can often make all the difference, leading to a positive and stress-free experience. Although what goes inside the suitcase is important, the luggage itself is also an essential part of the process of venturing to a new destination. There may be nothing worse than having a clunky, over sized suitcase in an airport that is difficult to navigate.

Fortunately, technology today allows for more streamlined ways to take belongings on a holiday with ease. Whether Aussie travellers plan on trekking across the glob with only a backpack, or boarding a cruise ship for fun excursions, luggage plays a key role in setting the tone of the whole journey. These days, the small modifications made to classic designs are key when it comes to choosing the correct luggage for a trip.

For instance, this year marks the 40th anniversary of the wheeled suitcase, according to USA Today. Some travellers may take this small feature for granted, thinking the idea has been around forever.  Seasoned tourists know that this is not the case and the idea of wheeling luggage changed the way many pack and journey to new locales.

Aussie travellers selecting their ideal travel equipment do not have to stick only to wheels. There are plenty of other great innovations found in suitcases, carry-ons and backpacks worth exploring.

If travellers wish to take their laptops with them on their holiday, they can invest in a carry-on bag that has a separate compartment for computers, reports the Travel Channel website. Brands like TimBuk2 specialise in these types of bag that are great for tech-savvy leisure tourists and business travellers alike.

Bags can get tossed around violently during flights and on public transportation, so some Aussies may wish to try a suitcase that has a tough exterior. Samonsite has a line of sleek and sophisticated hard-side suitcases for all types of travel situations.

Some of the newest innovations in the luggage industry include collapsible suitcases and bags. The compartments themselves can be folded and readjusted to comply with their contents, as well as the bag itself. If travellers tend to collect souvenirs on their short breaks, they may put one of these bags inside the other for later use.

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