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Travel options for gay and lesbian tourists continues to expand

Posted on Friday 02 December 2011 in Brasil, Indonesia, Switzerland, Beach & Islands, Adventure, Gay & Lesbian, Events



Gay and lesbian travel is a booming industry and more singles, groups and couples are planning holidays to exotic and fun destinations all over the world.  - Beach & Islands Travel News

Gay and lesbian travel is a booming industry and more singles, groups and couples are planning holidays to exotic and fun destinations all over the world. Aussies who are planning their future trip abroad with a special someone, solo or with a group of friends have a wealth of options to choose from for some exotic, gay-friendly scenes and locations. Recently, at the World Travel Market Conference in London, professionals from the travel industry expressed that they felt the gay and lesbian touring trend is on the rise.

As countries across the globe are increasingly granting rights to gays and lesbians in terms of marriage and equality, touring groups are making sure that this demographic feels included in many of the packages they provide to all kinds of travellers. They are also sponsoring more events and activities for gay and lesbian adventurers who love to travel and see the sights.

For example, Switzerland will be hosting the Arosa Gay Ski Week this January, which welcomes travellers hoping to hit the beautiful slopes of the Swiss Alps for a week of events, concerts, giveaways and winter fun. Those looking to check out an exotic place on the Mediterranean can head to Tel Aviv, which is expanding its tolerance and welcoming gay and lesbian travellers to its sunny beaches and exciting attractions.

Stockholm has been putting efforts towards its lesbian travel campaigns focusing on the lesbian community. Three years ago, the city released its first gay travel guide, and launched a program called the Leading Ladies of Stockholm, which offers information and unique giveaways for women only who plan to take a holiday in this progressive and fantastic region.

If Aussies like the traditional pride parades that occur internationally throughout the year, they should not miss a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the biggest one in the world. Although it does not happen until June, making plans to head to this city early may be essential, because more than four million people showed up for the festivities last year. Not only is the parade a must-see extravaganza, but through the entire month there are parties, cultural fairs, and exclusive discounts at the city gardens, museums and theme parks.

Another region has been making waves to ensure that gays and lesbian are welcome to all the tropical island has to offer. The Bali, Indonesia tourism board recently announced that they have launched a special travel website that offers information and tips for gay travel in this part of the world. Sponsored by the Rainbow Tourism company, this initiative will provide lists of gay-friendly tour operators and business that run discounts and promotions specifically for gay customers. Included on the website will be 12 organizations that have been recognized under the Rainbow Tourism Accreditation program as the premier travel companies to make plans with for gay and lesbian getaways.

Several accommodations are centred on men-only or are exclusively for gay and lesbian groups. Aussies who may be interested in this type of travel could consider a thrilling trip to Bali, which boasts some incredible attractions and activities that cater to the gay-friendly crowd. Travellers who are planning their upcoming adventure travel trips have more options than ever when it comes to gay and lesbian travel, so researching several options before embarking on holiday could be a good idea to understand all that is available for an unforgettable trip.

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