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New website aims to make travel tech simple and accessible

Posted on Wednesday 04 January 2012 in Travel, Adventure, Shoestring, Short Breaks



Aussies who keep up with the latest travel news know that gadgets and tourism technology have been headlining the global industry for some time.  - Adventure Travel News

Aussies who keep up with the latest travel news know that gadgets and tourism technology have been headlining the global industry for some time. There are a seemingly endless array of online travel guides, smartphone apps and more that aim to connect travellers with each other and with loved ones back home. However, some experts and tourism aficionados say that many have lost the essence of what it means to wander the globe. So, one technology company is doing what they can to not eliminate these advancements in the world of travel, but rather use them to better create bonds between travellers and their surrounding so they can enhance their journey by living in the moment.

According to travelllll.com, a leading industry website, the company LabTrip has launched an interactive program that may change the way some Aussies take their holidays. Based in Barcelona, Spain, this business is attempting to put several aspects of travelling all in one website or smartphone app. The initiative is headed by several international experts in the travel business who have pooled their development and creative skills to make this new idea happen.

LabTrip encourages users to think about their upcoming holiday and where they would like to go. They can enter their desired destination and dates to receive an all-inclusive guide to assist them in making their own custom itineraries.

There are several exclusive features to the LabTrip format. This start-up website wants to combine all the information gathered from current news, advice and opinions to make one streamlined guide. They plan to keep all information as recent as possible to avoid travellers exploring places that have closed or are not accurately portrayed. Once the guide is created, users may download it into their smartphones, tablet or MP3 players that can be accessed offline for easy availability and reference.

Travellers who like to check out sites off the beaten path and who are looking to experience a unique vacation can consider looking into some of the new technologies on the market. However, Aussies planning their holidays should keep in mind that while gadgets can be useful, the thrill of the journey is the real experience, and sometimes these devices should used for a while and then left at home.

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