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Cruise lines offer unique and innovative children's programs for holidaymak...

Posted on Monday 09 January 2012 in Travel, Adventure, Family



Cruise lines offer unique and innovative children's programs for holidaymakers - Adventure Travel News

Many Aussies take cruises on their holiday trips and enjoy the many amenities and thrills offered on these types of excursions. Each line often boasts a wealth of activities to try and different ports to explore, depending on what type of cruise travellers are looking to take. However, those who wish to travel with their children may want to take into consideration some other factors when planning for a cruise, because little ones usually have different preferences on vacation. Fortunately, many cruise lines cater to passengers of all ages and are developing new ways to entertain children, teenagers and young adults on board their ships.

For instance, Norwegian Cruise Line recently announced that they will be revamping their programs for children to ensure that all passengers have the best experience possible when cruising with the company.

"More and more families are choosing a cruise for their vacation since it represents such good value and offers so much for the entire family," Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian Cruise Line's chief executive officer, said in a statement. "In fact, close to 150,000 children sailed on our ships in 2010 and that number continues to rise. Now, we want to make sure that we are continuing to offer the best possible experience for families. To do this, we are investing millions of dollars in revamping our youth and family programming."

Norwegian have offered an on-board program for kids since 1999, but plan to change the original ideas completely to better suit various age groups. The new initiative is being created by The King's Foundation and Camps, which is a U.K. organisation that specialises in child entertainment and fun. Babies as young as six months to teenagers up to 17 will each have access to their own specialised curricula during the cruise. All the programs will be run by a trained staff that have college degrees in child care or recreation, which is a new requirement of the cruise line to ensure the programs will be carried out efficiently and safely.

Currently, there are organised activities for children to enjoy on Norwegian cruises, such as circus-themed days, contests and supervised pool outings. The line also has events and fun things to do that families can participate in together, such as live performances, breakfast with characters like Spongebob Squarepants, and family trivia competitions.

Norwegian Cruise Lines is not the only company that encourages family friendly travel on their ships. Carnival Cruises are also known for the state-of-the-art children programs that allow the younger crowd to have their own special things to see and do while on a cruise. According to the company's website, the activities for children are called "Camp Carnival" and have their own dedicated staff to help kids have a great time.

All of the Carnival cruise ships have this feature that is available to children 2-to-11 years old.  Staff members lead the groups of kids in games, songs and friendly contests to keep them entertained during the day while parents enjoy some other features of the ship. These playtimes also can be enjoyed at night, so adults can have a night out on the ship while their children are watched by professionals.

Aussie travellers who have considered taking a cruise with their children should look into what ships offer the best activities for families so that everyone can have a memorable holiday experience.

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