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South Africa experiences record number of tourists last year

Posted on Thursday 12 April 2012 in South Africa, Cape Town, Johannesburg



South Africa experiences record number of tourists last year - Cape Town Travel News

Although the World Cup in South Africa is well over and plans have already begun for 2014's games in Brazil, many travellers are still choosing to venture to South Africa for its rich diversity, amazing attractions and stunning natural landscapes.In fact, last year's tourism figures have been gathered and they show that the country experienced a record number of visitors since the World Cup as travellers from across the globe continue to admire the offerings in this destination, reports Bloomberg.

Statistics indicate that tourism increased by 3 percent in 2011 compared to 2010, amounting to more than 8 million foreigners coming to South Africa for business and leisure trips. One of the countries that led the pack with an influx of guests was India, as roughly 90,000 travellers visited the locale. This was up 26 per cent from the previous year.

Other tourists from China, the U.S. and Germany have also made an impact on South Africa's travel industry that continues to improve and use the infrastructure and amenities introduced for the World Cup.

In the future, South African tourism officials say they hope to encourage even more tourists to visit, as travel to the areasignificantly impact its overall financial climate. Although other countries on the continent are also experiencing more visitors, South Africa has the strongest economy and would like to remain at the top.

"The 2010 FIFA World Cup was a once-in-a-lifetime global showcase for our country, which gave us unprecedented international media exposure," Van Schalkwyk, Tourism Minister, said in a statement."We are therefore extremely happy with the 2011 tourist statistics and optimistic about the potential for future growth in South Africa's tourism industry."

South African organisations are planning future events to entice more travellers that are interested in natural wonders, sports and the country's diverse wildlife. For instance, in 2013 they will host the African Cup of Nations football tournament that may welcome repeat visitors who enjoyed the World Cup. A new tourism office in Brazil is also being introduced by South Africa to help increase tourism among Brazilians interested in football and foreign travel.

Groups outside of South Africa have been promoting this country for its fun and interesting tourism opportunities. According to Global Travel Industry News, National Geographic recently sung praises for urban travel in South Africa's vibrant cities. They are collaborating with companies like Cape Town Tourism and Durban Tourism to create renewed interest in some of these specific areas.

"Durban and Cape Town add value to each other’s leisure and business tourism offerings, and the National Geographic campaign will demonstrate the unique touch points of each city," Phillip Sithole, a representative from the municipality's business support and tourism group, said in a statement. "The campaign is formal recognition of our concerted efforts to present an integrated city tourism experience for both domestic and international travelers."

The campaign will include features on the National Geographic website, social media platform and other outlets that travellers from all over the world can access to learn more about South African cities.

Indian travellers interested in Cape Town holidays can take advice about their itineraries from organisations like National Geographic who specialise in highlighting the unique things to do and see in new destinations. Flights to Johannesburg and other locations in South Africa can be planned by Indian tourists looking for affordable and convenient ways to experience a memorable adventure travel excursion. 

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