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5 nightmare sea creatures from around the globe - Australia Travel News

Whether you're a deep-sea diver or just interested in out-of-this-world creatures, there are plenty of sights to see in the murky depths of the world's oceans, seas and lakes. For others, the creepy crawlers and slithering subterranean animals are a source of fear lu.. Read more

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A rare peek into North Korea's airline - Travel Travel News

North Korea may not be the world's most favoured country, and the same can be said of its national carrier, Air Koryo. The airline is widely known as the worst in the world, and it's the only one to have a one-star rating on popular travel site Skytrax. But w.. Read more

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The world's weirdest laws - Travel Travel News

There are some regulations every Aussie must know when visiting an unfamiliar destination, like what side of the road to drive on and if it's illegal to smoke in public spaces. Laws are set in place to keep people safe, but sometimes outdated and downright kooky .. Read more

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Spend a night at Hogwarts - London Travel News

"Harry Potter" is one of the most famous film series of all time, and it is by far the best-selling book series in history. So it's no surprise that so many theme parks around the globe attempt to recreate the world of fantasy and youthful adventure tha.. Read more

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Exploring the oddities of Phuket's Vegetarian Festival - Phuket Travel News

The Vegetarian Festival may sound like a wholesome event, but the Phuket, Thailand, celebration is nothing short of freakish. Outsiders may be put off and even grossed out by the extreme body piercing that is the main highlight of the fest, but to the people of Thail.. Read more

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