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Flybe pilot loses prosthetic arm during flight -  Travel News

Travellers experienced a scary and unusual situation when their pilot's prosthetic arm came off in the middle of a flight. According to news.com.au, the Flybe flight was travelling from Birmingham, U.K. to Belfast City Airport when the captain's arm fell off,.. Read more

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Sunbather nearly hit by landing plane - Germany Travel News

When it comes to close calls, few get closer than this one. A man was soaking up some sun on a beach on the German island of Dune when a small aircraft came in for a landing and nearly squashed him.

According to the Daily Mail, the sunbather was having a relaxi.. Read more

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Researchers reveal mystery of World Trade Center ship - New York Travel News

Four years ago, a decaying wooden ship was unearthed beneath the rubble of the World Trade Center. The watercraft located in the excavation pit was a huge mystery. No one knew where it came from, how it got there or if was even a shipwreck. But archaeologists, tree-r.. Read more

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France is the world's most visited destination - Travel Travel News

There's no denying that France is a gorgeous country, from the sparkling city lights and Eiffel Tower in Paris to the undulating hills and clear blue coasts of Nice. It's long been a popular tourist destination, and in 2013, it earned distinction as the most .. Read more

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Traveller survives python attack - Indonesia Travel News

As a professional conflict correspondent, Philip Smucker is used to dangerous situations. He's  been kidnapped and shot in war zones when aboard, to name a few. But the adventurer reported on a recent incident that turned out to be a little too ris.. Read more

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