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Sunbather nearly hit by landing plane - Germany Travel News

When it comes to close calls, few get closer than this one. A man was soaking up some sun on a beach on the German island of Dune when a small aircraft came in for a landing and nearly squashed him.

According to the Daily Mail, the sunbather was having a relaxi.. Read more

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Researchers reveal mystery of World Trade Center ship - New York Travel News

Four years ago, a decaying wooden ship was unearthed beneath the rubble of the World Trade Center. The watercraft located in the excavation pit was a huge mystery. No one knew where it came from, how it got there or if was even a shipwreck. But archaeologists, tree-r.. Read more

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France is the world's most visited destination - Travel Travel News

There's no denying that France is a gorgeous country, from the sparkling city lights and Eiffel Tower in Paris to the undulating hills and clear blue coasts of Nice. It's long been a popular tourist destination, and in 2013, it earned distinction as the most .. Read more

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Traveller survives python attack - Indonesia Travel News

As a professional conflict correspondent, Philip Smucker is used to dangerous situations. He's  been kidnapped and shot in war zones when aboard, to name a few. But the adventurer reported on a recent incident that turned out to be a little too ris.. Read more

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Are Brazilians afraid of winning the World Cup? - Brasil Travel News

Many around the world believe that there is no better host for the FIFA World Cup than Brazil. After all, it is the most highly anticipated football competition in the world, and football is more than a sport in this country - it's a way of life. But for the loca.. Read more

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