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France is the world's most visited destination - Travel Travel News

There's no denying that France is a gorgeous country, from the sparkling city lights and Eiffel Tower in Paris to the undulating hills and clear blue coasts of Nice. It's long been a popular tourist destination, and in 2013, it earned distinction as the most .. Read more

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Air New Zealand tries to reconcile with stranded passengers - Air New Zealand Travel News

When passengers are stranded overnight in an unfamiliar destination, the best they usually get are blankets and snacks or a stay in a nearby hotel if they're lucky. But Air New Zealand is going a step further to make up for an excessive delay that left hundreds o.. Read more

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AdventureHoney CEO travels from Seattle to San Francisco on $3 per day - San Francisco Travel News

Travelling on a budget is nothing new, and people all over the world seek out great deals on airfare, hotel rates and other holiday necessities every day. But one man is taking things to the extreme: Chris Ball, CEO of adventure travel company AdventureHoney, is biki.. Read more

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Royal guard under investigation for dancing on duty - London Travel News

The Grenadier Guards who stand outside of London's Buckingham Palace are known for their extreme composure and sternness. As the senior-most infantry regiment, they're responsible for patrolling and protecting the Palace grounds. But one guardsman is facing a.. Read more

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3 must-see musical meccas - Melbourne Travel News

Music is a powerful tool for bringing people together. It introduces people all around the world to diverse cultures, and it has the ability to soothe the soul, thereby promoting peace and tranquility. The globe is filled with places of great importance to the music .. Read more

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