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Frontier Airlines pilot buys pizza for stranded passengers - United States of America Travel News

There's nothing like pizza to turn a frown upside down. That's why, when a Frontier Airlines flight was diverted on July 7, the captain ordered pies for everyone on the plane for an impromptu pizza party that made the irritating situation an enjoyable one.Read more

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Airline employee reminisces about party ride on Virgin's first flight - Virgin Atlantic Travel News

Virgin Airline's very first flight took place June 20, 1984, when the aircraft flew from London to New York. One of the men aboard the plane that day was employee David Tait, and he celebrated the momentous day in history by penning a letter to Sir Richard Branso.. Read more

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US increases security at certain international airports - Flights Travel News

The U.S. announced June 2 that it will take measures to increase security at certain overseas airports on direct flights to the country. According to Reuters, the steps were taken after concerns regarding al Qaeda operatives in Syria and Yemen were discovered to.. Read more

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Ryainair plane crashes into Ciampino airport fire station - Rome Travel News

Ryanair has called for an investigation into an incident that occurred at Ciampino - G.B. Pastine International Airport on June 4. The airline's Boeing 737 rolled backwards while in the Roman facility's lot, travelling 40 metres before crashing into the airpo.. Read more

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Disgruntled flyer writes snide apology letter to ticket agent - Travel Travel News

Sometimes, passengers get so overwhelmed by the crowds, check-in processes, delays and other discomforts that come with air travel that they lash out at employees. Often crew members and airport staff simply shrug off angry customers as just another unpleasant encoun.. Read more

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