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Israel Travel News

Midburn recreates Burning Man in Israel desert - Israel Travel News

Each year in August, the Black Rock Desert in Nevada becomes home to the Burning Man festival, a gathering focused on art, community building and radical self-expression. Now, Israel's Negev desert has its own version of Burning Man: Midburn.The name Midburn is a co.. Read more

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Travel novels offer unique look into the depth of destinations - Jerusalem Travel News

Many Aussies consult travel guides to find out useful tips and tricks to try in a new destination, but a growing number are choosing to use classic novels that tell stories of others' adventures abroad. Before the internet became what it is today, many aspiring thri.. Read more

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Israel prepares for influx of travellers this year - Jerusalem Travel News

Although the country of Israel may be small in size, many tourists choose to visit this country on holiday for its rich cultural history and scenic landscapes. Indians who love adventure travel and want to see a new part of the world could consider a trip to this beauti.. Read more

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Spend a holiday trip in the exotic city of Jerusalem, Israel - Jerusalem Travel News

Adventurous travelers looking for their next exciting destination may wish to make plans to visit Jerusalem. The city’s historical past stretches back more than 3,000 years, which makes it a richly multi-faceted place to experience while on holiday. Aussies lookin.. Read more

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