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Goa hotel companies receive tax breaks to benefit tourists

Posted on Wednesday 04 April 2012 in India, Bangalore, Delhi, Goa



If travellers want to plan a luxury travel excursion, they may be able to do so affordably during the off-season.  - Bangalore Travel News

If travellers want to plan a luxury travel excursion, they may be able to do so affordably during the off-season. Although the weather may be a little breezy, off-season holidays are ideal for those looking to find wallet-friendly rates and avoid large crowds. These types of conditions can be found in locations worldwide, depending on where Aussies would like to venture for their getaway.

For instance, the state of Goa, located along the western coast of India, is changing the way they market to tourists for off-season travel to better promote their attractions, accommodations and flights. The Goan hotel industry will be receiving a luxury tax break from the Indian government, which in turn will help local business owners lower their prices for guest rooms. This may be an essential move for the tourism industry in the area, as flights and other travel necessities have been increasing in recent years, discouraging off-season travellers from taking their holidays.

"Hoteliers will be able to pass the benefit of the concession directly to customers," Ralph D'Souza, spokesperson for the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa, said in a statement.

The tax breaks will be in place throughout the off-season, from the beginning of May to the end of September of this year. More than 1,500 large and medium-sized hotels will be able to receive the benefit, and small accommodations can be exempt from paying the luxury tax all together. Most of the facilities that originally had to pay this tax were the more upscale establishments that got hit the hardest when the economy became unstable. However, now Aussie travellers and other international tourists will be able to stay at high-end hotels more often as a result of the reduced rates.

Australian individuals who will be taking an adventure travel excursion to Goa or throughout India have several options when it comes to airfare, including India Air. The company is one of the leading carriers in the country that services flights to Delhi, Goa, Bangalore and other major hubs while setting trends in the industry for innovative amenities and services. Recently, the airline announced a change to how they advertise their rates.

Air India officials say that they will inform their customers of rising and failing fuel prices, which will effect ticket purchases and change rates accordingly. The plan, set to launch in the coming months, will give clientele a way to monitor fares that are posted in accordance to fuel, which may give them a better idea  of when to purchase. In the past, customers were unable to be informed on why prices of tickets may increase or decrease, but this idea will give them a look into the system that decides how much flights will cost.

Organisations such as the Travel Agents Federation of India (TAFI) are in support of this fair program, saying that it is "a step ahead in making things more transparent," as stated by TAFI's president Ajay Prakash. Unfortunately, fuel prices have not gone down in recent years, but as the economy improves this program could prove to be more useful.

Travel to India may be an affordable option for Aussie travellers who wish to have an exotic holiday and stay within a budget. With Goa's reduced hotel rates, more wallet-friendly airfares and plenty of places to explore, a trip to India is ideal for baby boomers, honeymoon couples and even families planning an off-season excursion.

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