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Honolulu Travel News

The trees of Hawaii: An exploration of paradise's flora  - Honolulu Travel News

There are few places in the world that have environments as diverse as Hawaii's, and as the most isolated place in the world, the Aloha State boasts flora found nowhere else. Conde Nast Traveler recently outlined some of the most picture-perfect trees and bushes in .. Read more

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The world's greatest hikes  - Honolulu Travel News

Aussies aren't run-of-the-mill travellers. They seek adventure with each new holiday and are rarely content to settle for an average vacation. If the illustrious and majestic Australian Outback is any testament to what residents are used to, then they may find thems.. Read more

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Local farmers meet gourmet cuisine at Alan Wong's Amasia  - Honolulu Travel News

Cage free. Grass fed. Farm fresh. Local. Organic. All of these foodie buzz words are changing the face of cuisine across the globe, and while much of Europe has boasted these types of delights for centuries, the latest culinary trends are hitting the gourmet scene in th.. Read more

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Hawaiian Airlines adds new Aussie routes for the fall - Flights Travel News

Aussie travellers who want to venture to Hawaii will now have a new option for getting there. According to E Travel Blackboard, Hawaiian Airlines will be adding more flights to Brisbane and Honolulu three times a week, allowing for more Australians and Hawaiian resident.. Read more

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New Pearl Harbor museum provides history of the region - Honolulu Travel News

Aussies who wish to travel and learn about history relating to their region might want to look into flights to Honolulu. A new Pearl Harbor museum recently opened in the Hawaiian capital city and provides an all-encompassing history of the events precipitating World Wa.. Read more

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