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Unusual international hotels for interesting stays

Posted on Monday 16 April 2012 in England, Germany, New Zealand



Hotels have to really out do themselves to attract new clientele for unique holiday experiences.  - England Travel News

Hotels have to really out do themselves to attract new clientele for unique holiday experiences. Some choose to offer one-of-a-kind amenities, while others hire artists or architects to create fantastic decor and exteriors. These types of places can be found worldwide and may provide a fascinating environment to enjoy a new foreign locale in a different way.

The underwater hotel room in Maldives

Aussies who choose to venture to the Maldives on holiday may see if a special room is available at the Rangali Island resort. According to Australia News, these accommodations have a special room that is located underwater in a massive glass dome. It usually serves as a restaurant, but guests may rent it out as a honeymoon suite or for special occasions as it can be converted into a luxurious bedroom. The idea of sleeping underwater is so exclusive that the option is not officially listed on the Rangali Islands resort website, but travellers may call for arrangements in advance if they would like to try out this fantastic experience.

England has its fair share of odd hotels

Those on an unusual hotel kick can try out some other interesting selections on their world travels. The U.K. has some wonderfully historical and strange places to stay as a visitor, including The Witchery Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Web Urbanist reports that many of the rooms inside this castle perched atop a hill resemble Harry Potter-esque furnishing and mystery. Guests may choose from eight different rooms that have decor including old draperies, knight's armour and lavish four-poster beds.

While planning an English holiday in Suffolk, Aussies that love odd hotels can explore The House in the Clouds. The interior is very old country, but the exterior is what draws people to this strange place. A tower with many windows has been built several stories high, and what looks like an old English cottage is perched on the top of the tower where guests can stay and enjoy panoramic views of the hilly landscapes. "The Great Room" may be the best pick of accommodations, as this space is for large families and boasts vistas of the iconic Thorpeness Golf Course.

More fascinating accommodations around the world

Brave travellers who want to stay at one of the more unique Berlin hotels in Germany can reserve a night at the Propeller Island City Lodge, reports The Telegraph. Patrons may cosy up in a coffin and channel their inner vampire while staying in the attic portion of the hotel. Some of the other themed rooms have upside-down furniture fastened to the ceilings, while the lion room encourages adventure-seekers to sleep in cages.

In Waitomo, New Zealand, guests at The Hobbit Hotel may enter into their room through a small circular door and live as the fictional characters do in the popular "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. At this hotel, patrons may also stay in a stationary train or enjoy an interesting experience booking a bedroom designed inside an army plane.

Aussie travellers may spend just as much time in their hotel rooms as they will out seeing the sights, so choosing the perfect accommodation is key to a memorable getaway. With all the new and unusual hotels throughout the world, there is a wealth of options for those planning short breaks in Australia or others who may have a luxury travel excursion in the future.

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