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Australia works with Asia to provide more efficient airline services

Posted on Friday 30 March 2012 in Australia, India, Thailand, Beijing, Bangkok



Aussies travelling throughout the country and to foreign destinations may be seeing some vast changes at major airports in the near future.  - Beijing Travel News

Aussies travelling throughout the country and to foreign destinations may be seeing some vast changes at major airports in the near future. Officials from Tourism Australia and other organisations in the industry are working toward solutions that will help increase international and domestic travel options so that the process of flying will be more streamlined.

Some of these ideas will be voiced at the upcoming forum taking place in China about Asia's aviation route development. Representatives say they would like to improve the ties between Australia and Asia by allowing more travellers for business and leisure to easily move between the continents.

"As we’ve seen recently with Scoot and Silk Air’s decisions to launch inaugural international services into Australia, and ongoing expansions by many major carriers now directly serving our country from Asia the "team Australia" approach is popular with airlines,"Andrew McEvoy, Tourism Australia's managing director, said in a statement.

Between now and the year 2020, both China and Australian tourism boards will be working closely with airlines, international airports and tour groups to ensure that travellers from each country will have a variety of holiday and business trip choices available to them. The demand for more flights and holiday packages is on the rise, so putting these plans into action is more urgent than ever. Officials from each place say that they hope more countries will follow in step to create a strong global community when it comes to tourism.

"Air service development is a highly competitive environment and we would encourage others to take a leaf out of team Australia’s book by ensuring they provide a clear picture of what destinations and their airports have to offer," Nigel Mayes, vice president of travel group Routes Asia, said in a statement.

Aussie travellers may experience better rates for flights and more availability in the near future as these developments continue to evolve. If tourists have considered making plans for a holiday in Asia, now may be the ideal time to make these ideas a reality. Tour companies and airlines will be targeting Aussies who hope to take international trips, so being on the lookout for the latest options for flights to Beijing or Bangkok holiday packages can be a good start to planning a getaway to Asia or other foreign destinations.

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